Police: CVS robbers pulled gun on workers, escaped via drive thru window

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Two men used a drive thru window to steal Oxycontin from a Greenwood-area CVS store, with one of the men brandishing a gun while telling workers to hand over the drugs.

The robbery at the store on 402 Market Place Dr. was reported just before 8 p.m. on Thursday.

According to the pharmacy assistant, a man dressed in dark clothes approached her with a gun, yelling for her to get on the ground and ordering the pharmacist to open the drive thru window. A second man with “a deep voice” demanded Oxycontin from the store’s safe, according to the police report from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

The pharmacy assistant said the man in dark clothing kept walking around to make sure she didn’t get up.

The pharmacist told investigators that she saw her assistant lying on the floor and opened the drive thru window. The second man wore a light-colored sweatshirt and mask. The pharmacist said both suspects appeared to be white. The second man filled a black backpack with drugs from the safe, and asked the pharmacist if she’d hit an alarm. She told him no, the report said.

The second man then asked for a different medicine, but the first man kept telling him “just to go.” Both left through the drive thru window.

Witnesses reported seeing a white Chevy passenger car speed away from the store. Investigators stopped a vehicle matching that description shortly after the robbery, but found two African-American men in that car. The suspects in the store robbery were white.

Investigators said it’s possible the suspects may have switched cars after the theft. The two men driving the Chevy were released after being interviewed.
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  • Guest

    First of al why would the pharmacist open the window? Are the windows bullet proof??? If not I think they should install some in all stores! Instead of opening the window I would've pushed the alarm first!

    • guest

      First of all, Safety is number one priority! If the other guy had a gun at one employee you would not resist any request! No amount of drugs is worth someones life!

    • anonymous

      There was a gun pointed at her demanding to open the drive thru window. The windows are not bullet proof. Also the alarm was on the other side of the pharmacy. Thank you god for watching over my sister yesterday<3

    • A pharmacist

      When you're a victim in one of thes gun-wielding, sixty-second robberies… you do what you are told!

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >but found two African-American men in that car. The suspects in the store robbery were white.
    >e suspects may have switched cars after the theft

    Or there's more than one POS cream-colored chevy on the roads.

    Genius IMPD! While harassing some Black folks, the white pill heads are now enjoying their illegal narcotics and/or profiting from the sale of them.

  • Guest

    There is a CVS right down the st from me where I get my meds filled and yes there is a button to push if u r getting robbed and what not..just like banks do!

    • Guest who knows dogs

      The CVS pharmacies in Greenwood have no such button – at least none of the ones in my area of Greenwood do. Don't assume things are the same at every CVS just because it's a CVS things vary store to store.

  • Don't Know

    I work for CVS and I have no idea if there are alarms? I do know there is one if the store is closed and somebody enters but otherwise I have no idea.

  • Gues

    Unless you were there and know the whole situation, don't make any negative comments. You have no idea what actually happened that night and you have no idea what is going through that tech's and that pharmacist's head. You have no idea the security level of that store or the situation that they were put in. So keep your negative, judgmental comments to yourself.

  • Rick

    What the police, CVS and other pharmacies do KNOW is that this has happened MANY times in Indianapolis already. Let's see, we have HEAVY narcotics, absolutely NO security, it's happened MANY times already ??? What do these pharmacies not understand? Time to pay the pharmacist a little less and hire freaking armed security at ALL these stores.

    • Guest

      CVS pharmacists & pharmacy technicians (and in general retail pharmacists/techs) aren't paid all that well. As it is most techs would agree they are extremely under paid, if they were paid much less they'd basically be getting minimum wage. And the techs are the ones who do almost ALL the Rx fills, refills, deal with insurance, deal with sick, frustrated customers, etc. The CVS that was robbed is in no way a high volume store – the pharmacy is rarely busy. It would be a total waste of money to pay armed guards to be there.

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