Police investigate series of bank robberies in Kokomo

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Kokomo police plan to step up patrols around banks following a pair of robberies that happened just hours apart on Thursday.

In the first robbery, a man walked into the Kokomo Heritage Federal Credit Union at 901 S. Courtland Ave. around 11 a.m., showed a semi-automatic handgun and demanded money. The teller gave him some cash and he left the bank. Despite setting up a perimeter and searching with police dogs, police couldn’t find the man.

More than five hours later, an armed man robbed the Regions Bank at 3545 S. Lafountain St. Police again searched the area, but said the robber was already gone.

In both cases, the suspect wore a scarf over his face. Kokomo police also said his description was similar to that of another man who robbed the Star Financial Bank on 1708 E. Markland Ave. on Dec. 28.

Anyone with further information about these robberies should contact Detective Scott Purtee at 765-456-322, or the KPD Hotline at 765-456-7017.
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  • Brian

    I like the added "Semi Automatic" Handgun in the article!! Being that Semi Automatic is on the presidents agenda to get rid of or limit. It wouldn't have mattered if he had a knife the tellers are trained to submit to the attacker, and get as many details as possible. Oh yeah MOST handguns are semi auto by the way. But nice play on words there. I am a pro gun rights person as well. I just find it amusing how play on words help legislation now days, since the media is a vehicle to help keep the momentum going in congress.

    • safety guy

      It was probably a revolver anyway. When they have to give details theyll play it off like they didn't know the difference or say it was a mistake.

  • Matt

    It just means harsher gun laws are coming are way, and they should be running a criminal background check on the owner of that gun to begin with so that they could trace him.

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