Six taken to hospital after three-vehicle crash, witnesses say driver was texting

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Even though it’s illegal, people texting while driving is still a common scene on Indiana roads. Six people, including a child, were taken to the hospital after an accident on 38th Street and Butler on the east side Friday afternoon.

IFD said a woman carrying two kids swerved onto the center line, hit a moving truck, which then hit an SUV. Multiple witnesses tell investigators the woman may have been texting.

However, it is unlikely the 28-year-old driver will face any charges. Authorities blame Indiana’s Texting while Driving Law, which only prohibits drivers from texting, but not other activities.

“It’s an extremely difficult law to enforce,” said IMPD spokesperson Kendale Adams. “If I pull you over and I walk up to you and say, ‘I saw you on your phone. Were you texting?’ What’s likely going to be the answer?” said Adams.

Adams said the only way for a driver to get caught is if an officer sees it with their own eyes or the driver admits to it, which is pretty rare. When it comes to obtaining phone records, the crash would have to have caused serious injuries in order for them to obtain a search warrant. In this incident, six people were sent to the hospital, but checked out fine.

Police said it is another overlooked case until state lawmakers fill in the gaps.

“The intent was good and certainly law enforcement supports the intent, but it just needs to be tweaked a little bit,” said Adams.

IMPD has given out less than 10 tickets since the law went into effect in July 2011.


  • Lori

    There is a law for truck drivers and using their cell phones that not only the company but also the driver would be heavily fined so I think they need to pass the same kind of law for all drivers!!

  • bren

    what happens if it was a police officer doing the txt the other day it was posted up that a sherriff was going down a interstate driving and txting on i-65 …

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