Blue Crew getting ready for big game

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Fans couldn’t be prouder of their Colts, and many of them will be getting together Sunday to watch the big game against the Ravens.

One spot promising a good time is The Blue Crew Sports Grill on 96th Street. The bar is opening early in anticipation of throngs of football fans searching for a place to watch the game.

Owner Randy Collins says he’s ready. “It’s gonna be unbelievable. I mean, this is the playoffs. We’re gonna open at 10 o’clock, there’s gonna be a line out of here at 9:30. This is what we wait for, so this is pretty cool.”

The Colts even donated some items to Blue Crew to make the day more special. Collins also has a grill on standby, donated by Budweiser for all those game day munchies.

“It’s gonna be packed,” Collins said. “I hope I got enough beer for today!”


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    That place needs to call Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible for some desperately needed help. I used to go for their one-of-a-kind tenderloins but the last time I went, it was clear everything on my plate was pre-prepared, heated, and served.

    • BCStaff

      Sorry you had a bad experience but that isn’t how the food prepared – ever. Even on the busiest of days, each or is prepared when it gets placed. But we all agree on one thing, feel free to call Robert Irvine…

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >but that isn't how the food prepared – ever.

        Really? So in 2012, I visited the B.C. four times; One in early 2012, twice during the summer, and then once in the late summer (approximately Sept 2012) Can you verify your tenderloin was prepared exactly the same way in 09/2012 as it was earlier in the year? I doubt it.

        In the prior three visits, the tenderloin was prepared using either corn flakes or saltines as a breading. It was huge and made the bun look like a White Castle bun. The fries were waffle fries and seasoned with spices I could not identify though they were, I'm sure, store-bought. The cole slaw was okay.

        In my last visit, the tenderloin looked and tasted like it came from G.F.S. The fries were shoe-string cut and obviously bought. The cole slaw was seasoned differently and had the consistency of coming from a jar.

        If you can verify the food as described during the 09/2012 period was hand-made and consistently prepared, I'll be the first to apologize. If not, I stand by my observations.

        I will volunteer the only good experience we had at B.C. was the delightful and delicious red head server. :^O

  • BC Customer

    As a regular customer and a former employee of the Blue Crew you are wrong on many levels. They hand prepare each tenderloin when it is ordered. An has been the same recipe since the day they opened. You saying that the tenderloin was huge and bread was too small. Thats a bad thing how? I would much rather have more meat than bread any day. Cole slaw is also made by hand and is never store bought from a jar. No they do not hand cut their fries but are ordered thought a company. So Im sorry you feel the way you do but you are very much wrong on many things.

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