Animal Care and Control to make big announcement Tuesday

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Indianapolis Animal Care and Control is expected to make a big announcement Tuesday.

The organization will outline new grant-funded initiatives that should help Indianapolis cats and dogs find forever homes. The initiatives will also encourage the spaying and neutering of animals.

There are more than 18,000 stray animals in Indianapolis every year.

Mayor Greg Ballard will be on hand for the announcement along with other local leaders.


  • doglover

    Great news. They all deserve forever homes!!! Look at this face, I want to take this one home! Give them a chance! The solution has always been to spay and neuter animals. They just do what nature tells them to do. They breed. Stop this and animals will be in high demand because there will not be so many of them. Adopted dogs are the best. Mine are so thankful to have a home. They bring pure joy to our home. They rescued me.

  • Holly

    I as well have adopted dogs and I couldn't even imagine my life without my four fur babies!! I get so excited when I'm on my way home from work cause I know no matter how bad my day was they will be greeting me at the door with their wagging tails and doggie kisses!! My oldest adopted dog just turned 13 and we adopted her when she was 8 weeks old and have never regretted it one bit!! Another one of our dogs was dumped in a box with her brother and sisters and rained on for three days before they were found I got her at 4 weeks old she weighed about 5lbs she now weighs 135lbs and is a huge lovable baby!! I may have to clean my floors 3 times a day but I would trade them for nothing!! I wish I could help more!

  • 'Thor'

    "18,000 stray animals in Indianapolis every year."

    I'm eating all I can, they are a delicacy among our people and it helps with the grocery bills. For those ill-informed (not too bright) this is purely sarcasm.

    • 'Thor'

      On a serious note, there seems to be compassion for our four legged friends, but what of the slaughter of the unborn or is this pseudo-compassion?

      • Animal Friend

        We definately need speuter, BUT how far do we go with it? Do we speuter all the animals out of existance? I've heard that is the goal of some of the big organizations. If you want a family pet in the future you get it from a breeder for several thousand dollars. And of course, the vet bills will be astronomical. Most people won't have a dog or a cat.

  • Guest

    I would not never adopt an animal from animal control. all they want is money for dogs they found on the street. and the way they treat people not a chance in hell. I would careless about those animals. If you choose to operate a business like that, you should be able to take care of them.they tell us we have to many dogs and get cited, but when they have to many dogs it,s OK. that,s their problem and if idiots want mutts let them get them. they will learn from error.

    • Animal lover

      It's not operating a business. The money put into the dogs and cats up for adoption far out weighs the adoption fee. I volunteer at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control and there are many compassionate people there. I volunteer without pay for about 8 hours a week. The only reason they have "too many animals" is that pets are not cared for by their owners and do not spay and neuter and the city must take care of your carelessness. Sounds like you are part of the problem.

  • Guest

    I would never give up my 3 dogs and 3 cats. They are ALL the LOVE of my life!!!
    They give me unconditional love everyday and protect the house. All 3 of the cats came from rescue shelters, and my dogs two were adopted and one was rescued. The rescue dog was dumped in a field with her puppies…who would do a thing like that!!!! This dog is the most docile dog ever. Very frendly and would not hur a sole. They all give me love and comfort and would not trade or give up EVER.

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