Indianapolis man accused of stealing neighbor’s microwave

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An Indianapolis man is accused of stealing his neighbor’s microwave.

John Dant, 26, faces charges of burglary, theft and resisting law enforcement.

Police were called to the 2900 block of North Gladstone on reports of a burglary Saturday.

The victim claimed he saw Dant run out of the side door of his home. When the victim went to investigate, he saw that his overhead microwave had been taken. He also said that his door had been kicked in.

When officers arrived, Dant reportedly ran back into his house and then jumped out the back window. Police said they saw a microwave matching the victim’s sitting in plain view inside Dant’s house.


  • Gina G.

    I lived at 214 S Gladstone in the 80's dude really ! I would make him wear a sign saying I'm a theif so get to know my face just in case I move to your street !! 🙂

  • SomeNews

    Shocked, but glad the police decided to do something about it!

    One of my family members had a break in that resulted in the loss of the TV, X-box, DVD's and games, and a jug of coins. The point of entry, the neighbor in the adjoining townhouse went through the attic and into my family members apartment. That THIEF left shoe prints all over the wall, and broke the sliding glass door making off with the goods. The police did NADA, they acted rather put out they were even called, they didn't bother to knock on the other apartment, and when a check up call was made about the progress my family member was yelled at.

  • Papa Smurf

    Wow, pretty pathetic just like the homeless dude that broke into my house back in the late 60's. Took my electric can opener and canned food. Like, where was a homeless dude going to use the can opener? Police caught up with him in the grocery store parking lot next to my house. Seems that my house wasn't the only house he ripped off.

  • Out of Indy forever

    No this is not news, please give us all a break on this, a person comes n steals everything n Ur house and u can't even get IPD to make a police report and this is n the paper! Indianapolis ur a joke!!!!!

  • MeatPlow

    Simply news for our mutual entertainment. White turd stealing and getting caught, eh so what. just wait a while and somebody will get shot at a mall. Then we can all pile on.

  • michelle

    This is truley NO shock!! He has been doing wrong for a long, long time! He needs to be where hes at so he cant hurt others again.

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