Man warns of scam at hotel

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A guest at an Indianapolis hotel says a scammer tricked him into thinking he was talking to a hotel employee before stealing $1,200 from his bank account.

The man was staying at the Days Inn near the Indianapolis International Airport when he got the phone call about two hours after checking in. According to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the caller identified himself as the assistant manager and said the hotel’s computer system had lost his debit card number.

The guest initially declined to give the man that information, saying he didn’t like to give his debit card number over the phone. The caller knew the guest’s name and also identified the manager’s name, the report said. When the caller threatened to kick the guest out of his room if he didn’t turn over the information, the guest gave up his debit card number.

He then went to the front desk to talk to the manager, who said there was no problem with the computer system or credit card transactions. The guest tried to cancel his debit card, but found out $1,200 was missing from his account.

The victim told police he remembered seeing a person at the front desk when he checked in. The individual appeared to be another guest who had a child with him, but the guest said the man may have been listening to his information while he was checking in.

Police haven’t made any arrests.


  • Nicole

    The same thing happened to my friend and I at Homewood Suites downtown. Luckily we did not give our information over the phone. We talked to the front desk and they told us that the person had called the hotel to speak to us. Knew our name and our room number. The person on the phone said that his name was Micahel Connely , Assistant Manager at Homewood Suites and gave us his employee ID number. He said that the system wasn't working properly and that our room was showing up as vacant. He was going to comp our room and give us a discounted rate for additional nights, but would have to update our information. Homewood Suites was very helpful and assured us that they did not have an employee named Michael Connely and that they would not allow him to call our room again.

  • Terri

    this happened to me in Montana. The exact story was used, I was alerted because I had just walked through the lobby and the caller stated he had to do it by phone as there was a huge line at the front desk. i knew this was not true and I told him I would be right down to the desk, and he hung up. What bothered me most was that he knew my name and had also called and asked for me by my room number.

  • hostel in Malaysia

    What's the latest update of this incident? Is the person who initiated the scam still free until now? I'd rather be more careful with my information and verify every transactions that I made.

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