New tools make it easier to help DPW, INDOT fix potholes

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Daytime temperatures are finally beginning to melt some of the snow and ice around Central Indiana, but that also means drivers are once again contending with more potholes.

The Indianapolis Department of Transportation and the Indianapolis Department of Public Works are now asking drivers to report hazards as the thaw and freeze cycle begins to take its toll on pavement.

“The potholes are really big and you don’t see them until you’re right over them,” said Peter Jamison of Indianapolis. “It’d be great if the city could do something about them.”

Indy DPW crews are doing their best to do exactly that, but they need help identifying problem areas.

The good thing for drivers is that reporting potholes has never been easier. You can call the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4MAC (4622) or you can go to to report a problem online. Smartphone owners can also download the Request Indy app and complete the process online.

“If people would see one, we’d appreciate it if they would report it to our customer service department,” said INDOT spokesperson Nathan Riggs. “We’re also available on social media, Facebook and Twitter.”

To report problems on state highways call 855-463-6848. You can also report a Concern at

“I think it would probably be a good idea,” Jamison said. “I should take a look at doing that.”

The Request Indy website also allows you to check the status of a service request and view a schedule of upcoming patch work.


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