Police: Toddler dies after chili powder punishment

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  • someone who knows

    That's not the baby that died. That's Amanda and her biological daughter, there are none of the baby that died and Amanda.

    • Lisa

      So what are you saying? That the toddler she killed was not her child? Whose child was it? And was she doing this punishment to her own child? I hope she is never alone with a child again. Cruel bitch.

      • someone who knows

        The toddler she killed was her boyfriend's daughter, not her own. I'm not sure about whether she punished her own child in such a way, but one can assume she did punish her child when she did something bad.

    • Da Bodysnatcher

      Yep cause they're are never any dumb black chicks! Shawty Lo has a reality show with his 11 kids and 10 baby momma's all black chicks!

  • Nate

    Maybe shes black painted white?? I guess I’m racist for posting that though!! Just give her the same treatment. If people wanna kill people they need to be killed the same way they wanna kill just saying! Get a taste of your own medicine u sick f$&@ks!!

  • Mel

    And again everybody wants to get racist– dead baby– dumb white chick hmmm— If i said something about that towards a diff race I'd get the 3rd degree grow tfu!

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    In my never so humble opinion you can thank abortion for bullsheet like this.

    Something is allowing mofos to look at children as property, to be cared for at will and discarded at a whim, instead of helpless and hapless human beings.

    What is that? Abortion I say! If you can justify ripping apart a child with arms, legs, a head, a nervous system, and a heart beat, sucking it into a sink, then once it comes out of the womb, the same thinking can pervade someone's thought processes.

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