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Anderson man pleads guilty in connection with robbery, death of police dog

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An Anderson man pleaded guilty in court Tuesday in connection with a robbery and the fatal attack against a police K-9 back in August.

Joseph Turner pled guilty to armed robbery, two counts of pointing a firearm, criminal recklessness, striking law enforcement animal and two counts of resisting law enforcement.

Police said the K-9, named Magnum, died two days after assisted police in tracking down Turner, who robbed an area bank.  Magnum was put down after veterinarians determined the dog could not recover from a gunshot wound he sustained between the eyes.

Magnum’s handler, Officer Matt Jarrett, had worked with Magnum for a year and half, calling him a member of his family.

Turner will be sentenced on Feb. 5.

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  • That Dude

    This is not roman times where people sick animals on others for sport…. if you sick an animal on me I will do the exact same thing…. I don't care if it has a piece of tin on its collar.

    Why don't you idiots get bit and shredded by police dogs that have modified teeth a few times… then say how you feel about a dog biting you…. otherwise when its over, said, and done, it always comes down to "you or me"… and that guy wanted to make sure it was him…. So what? he will rot away in prison forever… at least he is not suffering an amputated appendage from the animals bite.

    I just wish more people would file excessive force charges against the police for using these dogs during an arrest when the criminal has given up and surrendered. They sick the animal on them anyway. All because they made the officer lose a few pounds from running, or since the dog was already out of the cage. After the dog has done its "duty" to the surrendered criminal, they reward it. But hey… criminals don't have rights…. Let a judge get mistakenly arrested and bit a few times… I bet the laws change.

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