Crime Watch meeting to address rash of burglaries on Indianapolis’ east side

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A group of neighbors on the east side of Indianapolis say they’re fed up with a rash of burglaries that has been going on for months. They’re now working with Indianapolis Metropolitan Police to organize a new Crime Watch effort.

The burglaries have affected dozens of homes just north of Brookside Park.  In many cases, the burglars have returned to some homes more than once.

David Kathan actually caught one of the burglars on his living room web camera.  The still images show a black man in his 40’s or 50’s rifling through items in his living room on Brookside Parkway.

“We’ve got bars on there, we’ve got alarm systems, we’ve got camera systems,” Kathan said,  “and still, they’re brazen enough to just come right into your house.”

A block away on Houston Street, a young mother who did not want to be identified said her home has been broken into three times since last Spring.  She and her family now live with bars on the doors and windows.

“We just stay in the house,” she said.  “Put my alarm system on, lock my doors. And I try to take my dogs out once in the morning and that’s it.”

Laure Klinger, who owns property in the neighborhood, said there is growing frustration toward police. She said most neighbors know the man and several teens who are committing the burglaries, but detectives can’t seem to catch them.

“We already have a lot of abandoned houses in the area and more people are leaving,” Klinger said.  “Something needs to change or we’re just going to have nobody left but the criminals.”

Klinger is now working with IMPD to organize a Crime Watch meeting for this weekend.

IMPD Lt. Mike Bruin said he understands the frustration of those neighbors but he assures them that detectives are doing all they can.

“They’re following every lead and taking every step that they can to clear these cases,” Lt. Bruin said.

He, along with East District Commander James Waters, will be at the Saturday meeting to answer questions and address concerns.

“In cases like this, it’s really helpful to work with the community,” he said. “They are our extra eyes and ears, if you will.”

Waters and Bruin hope the meeting will provide detectives with helpful information, which victims sometimes share with each other but not police. It will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday at Oaks Academy, 3092 Brookeside Parkway North Dr.


  • Roxanne

    Hey wanted to tell zach thanks for helping this side of town. I hope to see you guys at the meeting. I wish it was aired this morning. But thanks a bunch on come out and hoping to make this area better… please stay in contact with us.. Thanks again zach!

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >but he assures them that detectives are doing all they can.

    Which in cases like this, as we all know, is next to nothing but for good reasons.

    Having a rental unit broken into once, I called the po-po. The cop told me that we both know the person who previously rented and was kicked out, did it but there was nothing they could do unless the mofo was caught in the act.

    I knew there was nothing the cops could do but the only reason I called was to get a report in order to file with my insurance company for the damage done when the home was exposed to the elements from being broken into.

    For the residents being plagued by these burglaries, you're in the same boat. Unless the po-po sees it happening, there's not jack they can do. They will, however, advise everyone to keep their eyes and ears open and report any and everything that doesn't seem right to them as well as keep your front light on (which puzzles the frak out of me why so many people don't) as well as trim up your bushes and what-not.

  • east sider

    It has been my experience that at least on the east side IMPD will not investigate anything unless the every thing is handed to them on a silver platter. I had a truck stolen last year and it took them almost 3 weeks to even look into it and that was only because after many many phone calls that would not be returned I threatened to get on bull horn and stand outside their station with the media to ask them questions. I think police patrolling could help but when something happens on the east side all of the on duty officers are there for as long as possible even well after the situation is contained. I think it comes down to very bad leadership and training of our police force. I feel sorry for the great cops that are out there stuck in this ate up system.

  • Jack

    I had 5 break-ins in December in that area. I even told the Detective working my cases that they would hit my house again on Dec. 28, as they seemed to like to break-in on fridays. They refused to set up a sting and the bastards broke in just as I expected. I wish I had called in sick to work and waited for them with a gun, but it's too late now. I moved out of the house I was renting there the next day.

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