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Firefighters in need of help as demand rises while staff and equipment numbers stagnate

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Fire officials in Central Indiana say they need more equipment and manpower to keep up with the increasing amount of calls they are getting.

Fire departments are seeing calls increase in several areas of the state, including  White River Township. Firefighters are trying to respond to fire and emergency calls as quickly as possible, but with more and more calls coming in each year, they say manpower is pushed to the limit. Calls are up more than 10 percent from last year.

White River Township Fire Department Chief Jeremy Pell doesn’t think this is a problem that will simply go away.

“This is a trend in our department. It’s not just a one year thing. Every year we are seeing growth by about 10 percent.”

Chief Pell also said that even though the economy is sluggish, White River Township continues to grow as a community. If they don’t see more firefighters and equipment, he said they’ll have to rely on getting more help from mutual aid.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    First thing to do is identify why fires are up 10% from last year. Things happen for a reason. Find out why and see if they can be reduced.

  • Dan

    It's probably not fires, it is most likely medical runs. Just speculating. People here call in for minor medical problems instead of just driving to the hospital whereby using the ambulance as a taxi.

      • Matt

        Sandy, I used to work for White River. Very rarely had a shooting. The few I went on were all self-inflicted. With a few exceptions, most of their area is middle income residents, so not to many "crackheads" either. Most of the time, if it was an overdose, it was for someone taking too many pills of their prescription.

        But yeah, that 10% is most likely from medical runs.

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