Fisher-Price recalls baby sleepers over mold concerns

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Fisher-Price is recalling about 800,000 baby sleepers over mold concerns.

Mold can build up under the seat cushion on their Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper. That mold could make your baby sick.

So far, 16 babies have gotten sick after sleeping near the mold. The company said it’s received 600 mold complaints.

Mold can develop between the cushion and the hard plastic frame if it gets wet or isn’t cleaned often enough.


  • mommy of 2

    I don't think it should be recalled, its just like anything else. Take the cover off and wash it, and clean the frame!!!!!

    • Jessica

      I have this and taking the cover off and washing it does not always work. I have washed my daughters 3 times from where she has spit up or whatever and it has mold on it.

  • Candy

    I agree need to take it off and wash it like you do everything else sounds like people being lazy and not cleaning the baby things

    • Jessica

      I clean my baby's baby sleeper quite often and it still has mold on it, it is not lazy. It isn't on the top cover it is on the bottom cover and you can't wash that. I have tried using bleach spray and it doesn'y work. Any other suggestions?

    • amelia grace

      I wash the pad and wipe down the frame with clorox wipes once a week and I have never seen any signs of mold!

  • Kori

    Does anyone have any productive feedback as to how to clean the underneath part that has mold? I washed my sons once a week, it is not the washable part that has mold, it is the underneath part (the one that does not come off). Has this item been recalled or is this just a "warning"? I didn't see any recall information.

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