Indiana Black Legislative Caucus sets priorities for new session at the Statehouse

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African American leaders in Indiana are preparing to announce their top concerns for this legislative session.

Tuesday morning, lawmakers with the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus met at the statehouse on the second day of the new session. Among their top priorities: education, anti-violence reforms and health care, which they hope will get a fair shake in the Hoosier State.

Rep. Charlie Brown, D-Gary, said that protecting Hoosiers as much as possible is the goal.

“Thus far, there’s not a piece of legislation dealing with the Affordable Care Act. I know that both the governor and the leadership of both chambers are not interested in the Medicaid expansion portion, but nonetheless we need to make sure that Hoosiers are protected,” Brown said.

The caucus said funding for schools will also be a priority, as they try to restore $300 million cut from school budgets in recent years.


  • Thinkforyourself

    Why is there such thing as a black caucus? Is there a white caucus? Is there an Asian caucus? Can you smell a double standard?

  • Tyron shoe laces

    The agenda is no surprise. More entitlements that the non-black caucus taxpayers will be asked to foot the bill for.

  • Kent

    What is it with the racism, or reverse racism of all of the black only caucus', black expo, negro college fund, black colleges, etc….?

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