Indiana lawmaker wants legislature to look at casino laws

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The stakes are high, as lawmakers discuss the possibility of revisiting Indiana’s casino laws.

In less than two months, another brand new casino opens its doors across the border, in Cincinnati. State representative Ed Clere (R-New Albany) is from southern Indiana, where he says his consitutents are concerned about the impact of new competition in the casino industry.

“Because we do have a lot of jobs and a lot of other community interests at stake, I’m hearing concerns,” Rep. Clere said.

At the Indiana Grand Casino in Shelbyville, they’re not all that far from Cincinnati. Kaleb Guinnup comes to Shelbyville to play poker, and he thinks Indiana could do more to bring people in.

“You’ve got to stay competitive,” he said. “So I think they have to react to it.”

“With the things that are going on in other states, I think it’s important we start the conversation now, and not wait until other states are even further ahead of us,” said Clere, who is hoping lawmakers take up the issue this session.

In Shelbyville, the mayor says it might be time for lawmakers to allow live dealers at the racino.

“I think we and Anderson are the only two that do not have live dealers,” said Mayor Tom DeBaun, a Democrat. “If we were to see table gaming, and things of that nature, it would actually, potentially, spur development.”

“I think we need to be looking at everything and everything should be on the table,” Rep. Clere said.

“If it helps the economy, that’s good,” said Guinnup.

But not everyone agrees.

“I’m against it,” said Chuck Swisher. “We already have a casino here. I just can’t see expanding it any further than we already have.”

“Doing nothing is not the answer ,” said Clere. “I just think it’s time we had a discussion about it.”

Officials at Indiana Grand Casino did not want to comment on any pending legislation.

Clere hopes the state Senate will take up the issue in the weeks to come.


  • Nancy

    If they would loosen up the slot machines, they might have more people patronizing the place. I live only 20 minutes away, and love to gamble. I was afraid when Shelbyville opened, it could be very addicting. Well, I stay away from there. They have the tightest slot machines I have ever played. I will drive 2 hours before I gamble at Shelbyville, and several people you talk to while gambling there, will say the very same thing. I no longer go there.

    • Brenda

      You are right. My husband and I go there alot and it is no longer a fun place to go. I dont expect to win a jackpot but a win once in awhile to keep you playing would nice. I would also rather drive 2 hours to a real casino. They are the tightest casino.

      • John

        Indiana Grand is by FAR the best casino in Indiana!!! The atmosphere there is outstanding makes you feel like you are in Vegas! The employees are great, the food is great, and they always keep me interested with great promotions. Obviously if you bash the place you are just a sore loser. Not everybody wins, that is part of the fun. If everybody was a winner, the casino wouldn't exist!

    • David

      Please check the statistics from the Indiana Gaming Commission. Per their FREE information, Indiana Grand has one of the best slot payoffs in the state. Facts are facts. Not the casino's fault you lose on slots. You DO REALIZE what the odds on slots are, right?

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