INDOT, DPW continue to patch, prevent potholes

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INDOT and DPW crews continued working Tuesday, trying to prevent and repair potholes.

“I try to avoid it. Absolutely. (I) have to save my car,” Steve Waddell said.

Potholes can be a problem for any driver.

“I don’t care for them,” Waddell said.

Sue Ragland said even the word ‘potholes’ makes her cringe.

“I think damage to my car, flat tires (and an) expense I can’t afford. I see dollar signs,” Ragland said.

Ragland said she has not had any problems with potholes this year.

“My job takes me all over the city. So far, it hasn’t been an issue for me,” Ragland said.

Another driver agreed.

“I haven’t really seen a lot in the road, conditions are fine,” Sandy Jones said.

The fluctuating temperature may be one reason why people may see more potholes on city streets and highways.

“We’ve had some reports of some potholes and they’ve gone out and actually patched those potholes,” said Nathan Riggs, INDOT Media Relations Director.

INDOT crews spent the day sealing cracks to prevent moisture from getting into the pavement, which is what causes potholes in the first place. They are trying to prevent potholes from happening.

“Cracks that we’re sealing right now could potentially stop a pothole that might form next season. So, INDOT plans statewide about 1,800 miles of sealing to prevent those potholes from happening,” Riggs said.

DPW crews also worked rapidly filling potholes around town. They do that type of work throughout the year.  Crews placed a cold mix in the pothole, which is a temporary fix used during winter. DPW said, this year, they have been contacted about fixing 92 potholes. They have repaired 110. Last year, they received more than 5,800 orders and repaired more than 6,400.

The turnaround time for the city last year was three days.  In 2011, it was 12 days.

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