IPS students, staff to help a terminally ill child

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Indianapolis Public Schools William McKinley School 39 will be the first in Indiana to participate in the national Sparrow Club initiative, where a school adopts and raises financial support for a family with a chronically sick or terminally ill child.

One hundred sixth and seventh-graders from the school will participate in the program.

On Jan. 10, during a school assembly, students will learn about their adopted family. They will be able to meet the family as well, if the child is well enough.

With support from community partner Stonegate Mortgage Company, students will complete a community project, fill out a voucher stating the nature and amount of time spent on the project, and earn a donation that will be made to the family by the community partner.

The school intends on raising additional funds beyond the $2,560.00 provided by the community partner through a variety of projects.

If you’d like to get involved, Sparrow Club has an online donation page where you can contribute money, and there is a section to designate for a certain project sponsorship. Contacting Sparrow Club at (541)312-8630 or info@sparrowclubs.org would probably be the best way to make sure you fill the form out correctly to ensure your money goes where you want it.

More information at http://www.sparrowclubs.org.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    I know everyone will have ish to say about this but look at this school's scores!

    It's all well and good the school will focus on this selfless thing but…WTH good will it do when their hearts are all warm and fuzzy when they graduate thinking 2+2 = KAT because their education is below sub-par?

    In other words, this is more nonsense and humbug from IPS to detract away from the egregious fact the corporation are failing children miserably!

    • jnew

      I am sure the goal is to engage the students and their family and give them a sense of community, which hopefully will lead to more parental presence. Lack of parental involvement in a child's 'school life' is a recipe for a poor student. Let's hope that whoever is running this program through the school will draw the people that is necessary to help Makyla and her family, AND bring the community together.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >I am sure the goal is to engage the students and their family and give them a sense of community,

    That's all well and good but the job of the school is to educate them in the basics and they're miserably failing this.

    Were that school producing, for me, this would be no problem.

    But this is like a kid bringing home all Fs from school but being allowed to indulge in certain rewards.

    It makes no sense.

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