Man sentenced to 99 years in abduction, rape of woman who was headed to airport

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A man who was convicted in late December of abducting and raping a woman who was headed to the airport was sentenced Tuesday.

Vincent Smith, 25, who also refers to himself as Sherman Smith and Guardian of Sacred Forces Yohan Bic Flame, was sentenced to 99 years in prison on charges of rape, criminal deviate conduct, two counts of criminal confinement, attempted robbery and auto theft.

Smith attacked his victim in September 2011 as she was loading things into her vehicle.  Authorities said he drove her to three different ATMs to withdrawal money, before driving to a wooded area, where he forced her to engage in intercourse.

A month prior to the sexual assault, Smith is accused of stabbing an 18-year-old woman multiple times before setting her west side house on fire.  Smith will face a separate trial for the attempted murder charge.


  • Josh

    Good thing he never got access to a gun or high capacity firearm, sounds like he a disaster waiting to happen.

  • MeatPlow

    He has another case pending. Save a buck and just batch the cases and give him max with the highest penalties. save a few bucks that way.
    or save even more money with the "just one bullet" theory.

  • Rick

    "Guardian of Sacred Forces Yohan Bic Flame", I think his name might change to Flaming Dic Yoboy Guardian of AAnal Force where he is headed. Probably won't be too many "withdrawals" for this punk.

  • LOLA

    Really black lion. No one cares about him or his goons. How ridiculous are you. He deserves everything that's coming to him.

    Go find something to do.

  • Mel

    Only hoodrats use the term "goons" these days!
    Everything he gets he deserves– prison is gonna torture him pretty good!

  • B.B.

    just another useless P.O.S. my tax dollars have to feed and take care of. How's this, Give them the CHAIR for their crimes, and let's move on. Jails over-crowded? LIQUIDATE

  • Monty

    Yay, another catch and release animal that will be out again soon enough. They have to kill someone before we get serious w/ them, you know. No doubt it was a white woman he terrorized as well

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