Marion Co. sheriff reveals results of project aimed to find sex offender violators during holidays

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Results from a month-long sex offender enforcement project that was enforced during the holidays have been revealed Tuesday by Marion County Sheriff John R. Layton.

The enforcement project was funded by an existing federal grant paying sheriff deputies overtime to patrol Marion County checking for sex offenders in violation of state law.  Through December, the enforcement project concentrated on commercial shopping areas including malls, strip malls, and major store chains, frequented by children during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

“The Deputies that make up the Sex Offender Registry Unit worked long, hard hours over the holiday season to keep tabs on sexual and violent offenders in high traffic areas drawing children and families. Knowing the whereabouts of these individuals and keeping track of suspicious activity helps to prevent incidents from occurring,” explained Sheriff Layton.

Deputies checked a total of 22,464 license plates utilizing readers purchased through the federal grant

  • 73 registered sex offenders were seen frequenting the commercial mall areas.
  • 42 persons wanted on warrants associated with vehicles in the commercial mall areas were found.
  • One person was arrested for a felony sex offender violation.

The Office of the Marion County Sheriff is responsible for the administration and investigation of more than 1,500 convicted sex offenders registered in Marion County. This number does not include sex offenders residing or visiting Marion County from other parts of Indiana or the United States.  The Marion County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registry Unit is embedded with the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office and staffed by 12 Deputies.


  • Virginia Patrick

    ~Oh?????~I CERTAINLY PRAY that this evil next-door neighbor of our's, IS included in this 'sting'!!~I HAVE sent in reports of him being 'on the prey' , AGAIN!!~In the kid-FILLED Housing Edition, which runs behind OUR homes!~PLUS, he is staying @ a relatives home, which is located WITHIN a RESTRICTED area for MONSTERS like him!~City Park, LESS than a BLOCK away!!~REPORTED!~Yet, I STILL watch him come & go, driving a BLACK VAN, frequently!!~Based upon his previous REPEAT OFFENDER records, he's "due" for traumatizing ANOTHER child's life, FOREVER!~Name: John I Kimbler Age: 62 Address: 6714 Churchman Ave Indpls. 46237 Level: Sexually VIOLENT Predator!!~LIFETIME REGISTRATION!~Reg. #355339
    ~During MY attempts to 'warn' parents in the area, as SOON as "I" was alerted, I came across a few CHILDREN, who when I showed this waste-of-space's PICTURE to, they DID recognize him!!~Told me that he AND his/relative's Black Van, HAD been 'cruising' the area…talking to them…Please, PLEASE, DO SOMETHING!!!~To REMOVE this REPEAT CHILD MOLESTOR/SEXUALLY VIOLENT PREDATOR from our otherwise, quiet, child-friendly NEIGHBORHOOD!~

    • FOIA_Expert

      Virginia, you are breaking state law, as well as setting yourself up for slander. The registry exists for parents and other community members to acknowledge the legal existence of a person required to register as a sex offender, and are not in violation of any law. Furthermore, by stating that he is doing something without proof, and without contacting law enforcement to file a complaint, you are setting yourself up for a very easily winnable lawsuit if Mr. K. decides to pursue it.

      Frankly, it appears you have emotional issues (and not, THAT is not slander/libel, as your post has proven my case). Consider seeing a shrink.

    • Mel

      I see nothing wrong with what you posted! All of this is in public records! I def. appreciate you posting this bc thats within a mile radius of where my family & I live. I have children that need to be warned! Thanks Virginia!

  • Guest

    Oh great, that's not far from my house. The best you can do is keep your neighbors informed. I had a lifetime notification, sexually violent predator, shacking up next door to me for a while. It took some effort but the neighborhood eventually made it clear that he wasn't welcome.

  • FOIA_Expert

    Stop the presses! Registered sex offenders visit <<gasp!!>> STORES and RESTAURANTS at stores and malls to eat holiday meals and shop for Christmas! Someone call Dateline to set up a sting, or something!

  • WillB

    Note the arrest wasn't for a new sex crime. So the reoffend trade is zero , another big waste of taxpayers dollars, and I agree why wasn't There any other information About the other 42, and any arrests for them. Those are the people that they should have been going after if they had open wards In plain terms, the law-enforcement drop the ball and cost the taxpayers a ton of money

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