Two fatally shot on the city’s far east side

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Two people have died following a shooting on the city’s far east side.

Shots rang out just before 6:30 p.m. in the 4000 block of Brentwood Drive, near East 42nd Street and North Post Road.

When officers arrived they found an unresponsive 21-year-old male victim outside an apartment suffering a gunshot wound. EMS crews arrived and pronounced him deceased.

Moments later, officers found a 25-year-old male victim suffering a gunshot wound behind the apartment building. He was taken to Wishard Hospital where he later died.

The victims’ identities haven’t been released yet.

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.


  • anonymous

    Guns and anger don't solve a problem. Or any choice of deadly weapon. Wonder if this was related to Orchard Apartments shooting (shot holes in a few apartments) earlier at 4:30, and just moved the action down the road a little bit.

    • dawnp

      where you saying young and white when the white boy killed a class room full of innocent children! That beat didnt just go one, now did it. Thor my friend you are just ignorant and statements like this do not help the world we live in!

  • michelle

    There’s to much gun violence. I want to get my children out of this neighborhood. I live in three fountains east. But it only takes one bullet going the wrong way from the other troubled apartments. My child could be the next victim

  • Blessed

    THOR… Sorry I didn't know violence was just caused just by young blacks.. I thought a young white kid killed a classroom full of kids!!!!!!!!!!!

      • don't worry about it

        check your statistics you don't hear about young black men going into schools killing groups of children stick with what you know cause you don't know s**t about this subject

  • blessrf

    These individuals have no clue who they belong to and what there purpose is in life. They constantly say they are trying to "make it" .it was my cousin involved in the shooting and i know what type of person he is!! it is so unfortunate that our youths don't heed warnings and try to break cycles of crime and violence. i pray for our community because when one fails, we all fail!!

  • kia

    this is a very sad day for a friendof mine .this yong man that was killed was her first born .my heart go's out toher and her family..

  • weneedtopraymore!!

    to all the are ignorant to the fact that violence is either black or white but sin. What is so sad, we are so caught up on the black or white thing, not realizing that its all a dark thing because when the light are out, its dark. When it hits home, its us so when its said and done; its a peoples thang that need the prayers of each other to survive the violence in our communities. We need to focus more on it being a peoples issue and not a racist issue.

  • Jackie

    Jesus, didn't look at color he looked at the heart some of you are so wrong for the things that you say!When the tables turn and they will in your family then the shoe will be on the other FOOT!!! But I am yet praying I know that whole family nice people and very close to each other…

  • Mrs. JT

    Violence and crime happens everywhere! It makes no diffrence whether its in the so called "hood" or the hyped up "suburbs". Crime and violence happens to ALL races of people so lets not get caught up in where it happened but why it happended. Lets figure out what we can do to put a stop to these senseless killings. These young men that were killes was someone's son, brother or maybe father and I'm sure they were loved and will be missed by someone.

  • T Howard

    Funny how people say "check the statistics"….so what you're saying is that MOST gun violence is caused by african americans….well MOST child molestation, mass shootings, arson and child neglect cases are against….WHO? Check your statistics before you go pointing fingers at others like one is better than the other…wrong is wrong. Some people are just SOOO ignorant when making comments. Focus on something else….other than race. Matter of I stated in another post…say some of these things OUTSIDE of your own home and see what happens.

  • Anonymous

    The talk about gun laws are brought up due to crazy WHITE people shooting up stuff. As you all know black on black crime has been in existence for decades. Prior to the recent shootings at in Connecticut and Oregon let me remind you that was cause by WHITE people gun laws where never looked at, like the way they are now.

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