Police: Driver fleeing domestic dispute dies in fatal accident

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MORGAN COUNTY, IND. — Indiana State Police released details in a fatal Morgan County late Monday night.

According to State Police, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers responded to a violent domestic situation near East 52nd Street and Allisonville Road Monday afternoon.

When they arrived, suspect Jeff A. Hopson, 29 of Indianapolis, fled the scene.

Around 3:30 p.m., State Police said Hopson allegedly carjacked a silver 1997 Buick, stabbed the driver and stole about $40 dollars from the victim.

The victim of the carjacking received treatment for non-life threatening wounds at an Indianapolis area hospital.

About 20 minutes later, at approximately 3:50 p.m., Mooresville Police officers dispatched officers to investigate an erratic silver Buick driving on State Road 67 toward Brooklyn, Ind.

Moments later, the Buck struck a 2006 International straight truck driven by Joshua Colby, 29 of Indianapolis. The crash separated the truck’s rear axle from the chassis. Colby was not injured.

Due to the impact with the truck, Hopson’s Buick spun into the path of a 2006 White Chevrolet van driven by Paul Sharp, 48 of Indianapolis. Hopson was ejected from the vehicle, striking his head on the passenger windshield support.

A medical helicopter transported sharp to an Indianapolis area hospital. He is considered to be in stable condition with injuries to his legs, shoulder and head.

Hopson died at the scene.

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  • Dillion

    How in God's green earth did this suspect get from 52nd & Allisonville down to Centerton in 20 minutes?!?! If he was going 100+mph, MAYBE …. Idk someone please give me your thoughts because for me right now, it's not making any sense.

  • sean belfire

    hey i came out of mooresville around 4 p m and he nearly hit a car and he swerved and almost lost it just past toa in mooresville and he was flying at a high rate then

    • anon

      Glad it wasn't you and your family dealing with the aftermath. Glad that Joshua Colby is okay and that his vehichle slowed down Jeff's enough that it didn't kill Paul.

  • WillDiggity

    He must have fled the scene well before police arrived at the incident location. He went full retard… Straight stabbed someone, took their car and decided to end it all. State Road 67 has been the pinnacle of suicide driving in central Indiana… Remember Judy Kirby? I wonder if large amounts of meth were involved… Paranoid much?

    • (C)

      Hey look he has a family so come on now people make mistakes.; .you have no idea what was going on in his life for him to do this.. its sad he passed. I went to school wtih Jeff and he has always been a good guy!

      • WiggiWiggiWhack

        Who cares if you knew him, he was breaking the law and car jacking people. He stabbed someone that wasnt even involved. He deserved what he got

    • martinstucky

      Full retard is right. Was heading back home to Martinsville. When you go full retard it is best to go to Martinsville as nobody would be able to distinguish you from all the other full retards!

      Large amounts of meth and spice I'm sure.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >Hopson died at the scene.

    I like it when POS perps self-terminate, saving every tax payer a trial and incarceration!

  • (C)

    Look people kill me.. none of you know what he was going thru to do this. He has a family that is hurting and kids! So have a little respect for his family.. Yes he did the wrong thing. but come on now keep your nasty comments to yourself. Let the first person who has done no wrong and made no bad choices in their life speak up! No one deserves to die that way

    • 1ofGodsChildren

      I think it is disgrace for people to think they know all the facts, then pass judgment.Who are we to judge anyone? I know what this man did was terrible, But unless you know all the facts, How could you possibly say he deserved this? Prayers to his family, and all those injured.

    • WiggiWiggiWhack

      Again, he was breaking the law and carjacked an innocent victim. Why do we care about what this guy was going through. He didnt just run and kill himself, he had to involve people that had nothing to do with his issues.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      >none of you know what he was going thru to do this

      And not one damn bit of it matters. What does matter is he was beating the s### out of someone in his family. He stabbed another person and robbed them. He engaged in high speeds, trying to evade the cops and seriously injured an innocent person. It's lucky he didn't kill or injure anyone else.

      I stand by my original comment. Good riddance mofo!

      p.s. Your azz wouldn't be so tolerant if this POS robbed or injured your loved one.

    • *B*

      None of you will see the look on their child’s face when they find out. So think about them! No matter the situation or who, how, and when it’s devastating

      • *D*

        Maybe had HE been thinking about the look on HIS kids' faces, he would have made better decisions. And it's obvious he wasn't thinking about the fact that his victim(s) may have had kids as well. I went to school with this kid and he's no stranger to a life of crime. It was only a matter of time. I'm just thankful his stupidity didn't put an end to anyone else's life yesterday.

  • myka

    Nobody knows what Jeff was going throughto make him do this. This isn’t.Jeff . He was such a good guy. Stop judging people. Rip Jeff we all miss u !

  • MeatPlow

    One hell of a 20 minute enraged psycho binge. yup Jeff is a great guy.

    It would have been a happy ending if he just wrecked into a tree ended it there, THEN you could sell me that nice guy crap. instead he involved two innocents and everyone on the dam road and didn't care a rats ass. so neither do i.

    • myka

      You don’t have to give a rats ass but keep ur nasty comments to yourself,especially when there are loved ones reading ur negativity. I would rather him be alive and in jail than be passed away. So quit being a dick .

      • none

        I Knew JT,he was a good kid before the drugs got ahold of him. Yes he made some very bad decisions when not in his right mind. I agree that is was horrible for him to involve other innocent people in this tradgey, but all I can think about is the look on his 3yr.old daughters face when she is told her daddy is dead.Alot of bad crap happened yesterday but that is one of the worst.no matter what some you think he was a human being and had people who loved him so say a the mean crap you want,All I have to say be at peace now JT.

  • annon

    There are some things that you can't justify. Saying "You don't know what was going on in his life" just excuses him. We don't know what was going on in the lives of the 911 bombers, the school shootings, mass murders, etc. We can safely assume these are "wrong" When you have issues in your life nothing will ever justify taking other people’s lives. The plus side here is that he only took his own life. All too often it's the person that causes the crash walks away, leaving other's families broken. I feel for the person he hit that may never fully recover just because someone had a bad day and decided to take extreme actions. Please encourage personal responsibility in your life and those you care about. This wasn’t a natural disaster; this was the actions and decisions of a person. Hold your loved ones close today and educate them that there are bad things that happen and all you can do is try to be prepared for if they happen to you and that when life gets tough, this is not how you handle it.

  • Jim

    No comments about people I don't know but my prayers are with you Paul, Jan and the kids.You will somehow get through this. Just glad it wasnt worse.

  • DeeDee75

    No, I have no sympathy for this guy – NONE, but I do however for his family that are left behind to deal with the mess. Glad the other drivers will be okay. When you're out on that road, you never know what's on the next guy's mind. You just have to stay alert and pray no one ruins your life just because their's isn't going so well.

    • Olderschool

      Doing drugs is a choice; the drugs didn't just enter his body. I don't hate alcohol when someone blames it for their actions, I don't hate guns when someone uses them irresponsible, I don't hate planes when they use them as weapons. Take personal responsibility for your actions and the affects of those actions. I do however agree that we could use a lot less hate, but you have to understand that actions have consequences. If you do drugs you are putting yourself at risks.

  • J.D.

    Sounds like a real class act. Don't worry that he nearly killed a friend of our family. A nice long hospital stay, lots of therapy, off work for God only knows how long, medical bills sure to follow, but he's usually a nice guy when he's not stabbing someone, stealing their car, and driving in a manner that leads to death in an effort to evade capture by the police? I think not, sympathy in this instance should be directed toward the Colby and Sharp families. Any suggestion to the contrary is misguided.

    • Oldschool

      I agree with you and I can,t even tell you how bad I fell about the affect on your family,I am so sorry.We all tried to help him soooooo much he just didn,t get it. Yes my sympathy is also directed towards the Colby and Sharp families.. For sure. We are just trying to figure out how to tell a 3 yr. old that her daddy is dead…

  • Oldschool

    I Knew JT. he was a good kid before the drugs go a-hold of him. Yes he made some very bad decisions when not in his right mind,some I wanted to kick his butt for. Yes it was horrible that he involved innocent people in this tradgey un-called for.the rest of you can say all the bad crap you want. Alot of really bad things happened yesterday,not the least of which is that a beautiful little 3 yr. old girl lost her daddy. think about the look on her face when she has to be told that? Yes he was a human being and had people who loved him so hate all you want all I have to say is be at peace JT..

  • Angela

    Drugs are a bad thing and it is really sad that people throw away their futures when they make the decision to do drugs , so sorry to hear about those who were put through this ordeal , praying for the loss of a young soul , his family and those who knew him , also for those who didn't know him and yet were somehow even if briefly involved with his life in a good manner or a bad manner , we should not judge others , it is not our right to do so , May God have mercy on this young man and give his family the strength to deal with this loss and forgivness to those that he harmed .

  • Pam

    He didn't get from Allisonville to Mooresvill in 20 minutes. It does not say what time he fled from the domestic dispute. It was 20 minutes from when he stabbed the person and hijacked the car. Terrible for all involved.

  • Jessica

    UNBELIEVEABLE the audacity of half of you on here. None of you knew the real story, the media add what they want to make it appear so intriguing . However noone deserves to die. We all have our wrong that we do, it sure doesnt mean we should die. I happen to know this person and he was actually a really great guy. The decisons he made were absolutly ridiculous but regardless he did not deserve to die. All in all remember he has family and they are at a great loss right now. Show some respect and keep your judgemental comments to yourselves. If this was your son, brother, father, cousin… I guarantee you sure would feel differently.

    • J.D.

      If it was my son, brother, father, cousin…
      I would feel very differently. But not sorry for him. Sorry. All sympathy, and while others have, I did not say he deserved to die. Neither did someone deserve to be stabbed, or severly injured in a high speed collision.
      Keep in mind that only one person took the series of actions that led to this. That person made the situation worse with each thing he was doing.
      You say noone deserves to die. I completely disagree. This individual may or may not have deserved to die, but he made his decisions, and there was a price to be paid even if he had survived. The price he did pay was one he set for himself.

  • Carly

    He was a good guy jus lost in this messed up world! How can people say such cruel things about someone they dont even know!! Makes me ill! If you do not know him or his situation then you have no right to pass judgment!!!!

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