School holds Star Wars-themed pep rally

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A North West Hendricks school is holding a pep rally Tuesday as part of its larger goal of motivating everyone in the building.

The Star Wars-themed event takes place on the first day of the second semester and will feature awards for Student of the Month and other accomplishments.

Tri-West Middle School, holding the rally in the high school for space purposes, has participated in the Renaissance School program since 1993.  For the last five years, principal Ryan Nickoli told Fox 59 News it has recognized every single person in the building – from students to teachers, secretaries to custodial staff – to great effect.

“You hope it’s all intrinsic, but sometimes it does take that extrinsic motivation,” Nickoli said of the rewards system, which commends good grades, attendance, random acts of kindness and other accomplishments.

“If they know they’re going to be rewarded for what they do, you tend to get a little more out of [students],” he said.  “That’s true for teachers too.”

Renaissance Program coordinator Gina Whitaker said the task takes a great deal of organization and all the staff chipping in.

“There are multiple people behind the scenes that come together,” Whitaker said.  “They put a lot of effort into what they do each and every day and we like to look for a way to recognize them for that.”

Other districts in central Indiana participate in the Renaissance Program and Nickoli believes more could learn from North West Hendricks’ success.  He said finding creative ways to recognize each person has helped the entire district reach its goals.


    • guest

      They were sticks with white tape. We take PRIDE in our school and our students and we work really hard to make sure EVERY student is valued for their accomplishments, no matter what they are. Maybe if more people were focused on the POSITIVES in life we would be better off.

    • SmarterThanThisGuy

      Color guard twirls fake guns at school on a daily basis, since forever. If you are ignorant of this it explains your ignorant comment.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    On the surface this sounds like nonsense but on the other hand give recognition where recognition due. It also sounds like a fun way to get students involved in the learning process.

  • BC45

    So a school decides to do something nice for students and staff and all you can do is complain about there being a "gun" (fake I am sure) in a school. Good perspective on life…

      • BC45

        I don't have to "cover my ass" from anything…I am just making an observation as well. I could care less what that school does, I just think it is a nice thing and you are trying to turn it negative.

  • manda_c

    Tri West is a wonderful school that provides students with top notch education and encourages school pride, which in turn teaches the kids to have pride in what they do and stand for. Having a pep rally at the beginning of the semester is an excellent way to pump up and motivate the kids. And as for the fake gun, come on now, these kids are intelligent, and have been taught right from wrong bc TW is a morally and ethically responsible school. BRUIN PRIDE!
    And I was prevlaged to see my beautiful sister on stage this morning on the news!

  • guest

    i honestly don't remember doing the Renaissance program until my eighth grade year at tri west middle school which was two years ago but to be completely honest i do remember having a lot of fun with some of the games we played during the convocation and in class. they made it fun to go to school. tri west is a great school.

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