Avoiding major repairs as snow melts, rain falls

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The combination of melting snow and coming rains could damage Central Indiana homes, but one contractor told Fox59 News how Hoosiers can avoid the need for major repairs.

With the slow melt, Berry Allen of KAB Construction said snowy rooftops are a concern.  If possible, Allen recommended using a gentle roof rake or broom to brush off as much snow as possible from the shingles.  If left on the roof for too long, the snow can melt during the day, allowing water to slide underneath shingles, and then refreeze overnight.  That causes the water to expand and damage the shingles.

Allen said that could also allow water to slide beneath the siding and into the walls, leading to mold problems.

“[If] it’s wet. The damage is done,” Allen said.  “You might as well cut a hole in it.  If you can get a fan on it, maybe put a bucket under it to catch any water if it’s dripping.  But you want to dry it out as best you can, as fast as you can, so the mold doesn’t grow.”

Another concern, Allen said, is with the home’s gutters.  He recommends making sure the downspout leads the water a few feet away from the base of the house.  Otherwise, he said the water could get into the crawl space or fill cracks in the foundation, further damaging them.

“The water gets down there and once it freezes it expands and makes all your cracks bigger,” Allen said.  “You may have a small little crack in your foundation and after three days of melting and refreezing at night, that crack can get three times as big.”


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