Local restaurants step up cleaning efforts to prevent spreading flu

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The flu season here in Central Indiana is hitting early and is widespread, according to health officials. Hospitals are seeing more people visit their ER’s than usual this time of year and many of them are there for the flu. Local restaurants are also not taking any chances this flu season. Many of them are taking added steps to help keep the germs away.

Restaurants like the Ale Emporium in Castleton are cleaning deeper and more often.They are focusing on cleaning high touch surfaces like door knobs, table tops and menus. They are also encouraging employees to wash their hands more frequently and if they feel sick, to stay home.

“It’s across the entire restaurant – management, servers, bartenders, cooks, anybody. If they’re feeling sick, we don’t want them to stick around, I definitely don’t wanna be sick,” said Scott Baun, Co-owner of the Ale Emporium.

Dr. Marcus Hendry works at in the emergency room at St. Vincent Hospital in Fishers.

“If you sanitize the surfaces that people commonly touch, you’re going to reduce transmission. This time of year, you have to assume anything you touch in a public place could have the flu virus on it,” said Doctor Hendry.

A recent study reported that cold an flu viruses can live up to 18 hours on a hard surface if it has not been cleaned or sanitized.

Dr. Hendry encourages people to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds and to use hand sanitizer often along with getting a flu vaccine.


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