Pacers fan speaks out after hit-and-run accident

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A man who was nearly killed while leaving a Pacers game is out of the hospital. Now, he’s speaking out in hopes the driver who hit him will turn him or herself in.

Jason Mills wasn’t moving when paramedics rushed him to the hospital about two weeks ago. He was crossing the street when a dark blue Ford SUV ran a red light and hit him on Pennsylvania and South Streets.

The 24-year-old broke both his legs, his left hand and fractured his skull. Jason’s friends thought he had died.

“It still takes me a while to think about things, which I don’t like so far,” said Mills, who’s been walking around at home with a cane. “I’m usually able to be pretty quick-witted.”

It’s hard for anyone to deal with injuries like this, but for someone as energetic as Jason, it’s been frustrating to say the least.

“For some reason, I remember seeing the arrow to walk,” said Mills. “That little white man that said to walk lied to me because the car kept coming.”

As he fights through the pain, Jason is thankful for his family and friends who are standing by him. His roommate even reached out to Pacers star Roy Hibbert, who showed up at the hospital to sign a pair of shoes and watch some football. The Pacers gave him a temporary spot next to the drumline until he gets better.

“They gave me their cow bell and I get to sit there and rock with the cow bell all night,” Mills chuckled.

Jason said he’s not angry at the driver but he’s hoping that person will speak up.

“The best thing I can say is — you know how your parents tell you to look both ways before you cross the street? Do that,” he said. “Definitely do that because I didn’t and here you go.”

Doctors tell Mills it may take about a month before he’s back in shape. He’s hoping to be back at work in about a week.

As for the investigation, police are following up on some leads. If you have seen a dark blue Ford SUV with damage to the front left side of the car, call Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

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  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    This reminds me to pay my disability insurance premium.

    Also, a good reminder that just because YOU have the right-of-way, there are no guarantees others will honor it.

  • David Mills

    Thanks Yvonne for a truly well done report. Without your input, I don't think anybody would know or care about Jason. Jason's dad

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