Sisters reach settlement with Eli Lilly after mother took synthetic estrogen while pregnant

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Four sisters reached a settlement against Indy-based drug maker Eli Lilly Wednesday.

Four Melnick sisters claimed they developed breast cancer because their mother took a synthetic form of estrogen while she was pregnant. The drug was made by several companies, including Eli Lilly.

The drug was thought to prevent miscarriages but it was taken off the market during the 1970s.

The sisters also claimed their mother did not take the drug during a fifth pregnancy and that sister has never developed cancer.

Lilly says there’s no definitive link between the drug and breast cancer.

Details of the settlement aren’t being made public.


  • jerri

    My mother also took DES because her Doctor told her it would prevent her from have a miscarriage, even though when the drug first came out the Doctors were warned not to give it to pregnant women. My mother had 3 miscarriages and did not want to have another. But no idea the long term affects this drug would have in my body and now in my children. She told me before she died of cancer that while pregnant with me she was prescribed 6 pills a day. I have a daughter that has Poly cystic ovarian disorder, Fortunately she was able to have a child, she had already set up an appointment with a furtility doctor because of the length of time it was taking her to get pregnant. My son has been married twice without using any type of of birth control and he still has not produced a child. Why when they found out that that this drug did not do what it was suppose to. And knowing early on that it should not be given to pregnant women when it first come out. I feel as strongly as these women do that all drug companies that produced this drug should be responsible for reimbursement to all women, their daughters and sons and any other generation that this poison will damage before it stops. AND FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT THINK THAT THIS IS JUST A MONEY THING. I PRAY THAT THE FDA NEVER LETS A DRUG THROUGH TO YOUR MOTHER, WIFE, OR DAUGHTER. THAT WILL CAUSE DEFECTS FOR GENERATION TO COME. iN FACT LOOK UP DES ON THE COMPUTER YOU MAY BE SURPRISED HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU LOVE ACTUALLY TOOK THAT MEDICATION.

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