State issues new vaccination requirements

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Falling in line with federal recommendations, state health officials are requiring chicken pox vaccinations or proof of the disease of all Indiana students in the 2013-14 school year.

“We’ve had five outbreaks in the last six months of chicken pox, three within school systems,” said Dr. Greg Larkin, state health commissioner. “We decided to proceed to the full recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control that the children either have the two vaccines or written statement from their physician that the child has actually had the chicken pox infection.”

Along with requiring two valid doses of varicella vaccine, the Indiana State Department of Health is recommending kindergarteners receive two doses of Hepatitis A vaccine and 11th & 12th graders receive booster shots to protect against meningitis.

“With two the protection is a lot stronger and it’s been shown that when these children go on to college or other similar settings, that’s where this disease is the highest so these vaccines are important,” said Larkin.

During the last school year, Noblesville schools faced a measles scare as several cases of the disease were reported in Hamilton County.

Satchuel Cole was contacted by school officials who warned her that her son, Zavion, would have to receive the measles shot or stay home from school because he was not immunized.

“And that put me in a very precarious situation because I’m a single mom,” said Cole. “So if he’s not in school, it’s really hard for me to work.”

The outbreak was contained. Zavion, now a first grader, never got the shot and he won’t receive the chicken pox vaccination for second grade.

“The risk of chicken pox, you know, obviously there is a risk,” said Cole, “but the risk of him having such adverse reactions to all of the chemicals that are in the vaccines is even greater and I am just cautious and leery about what it could do to him neurologically with all the chemicals that are in the vaccines.

Cole said her son has been diagnosed as autistic and her doctor stands behind her decision.

“There’s no need for that,” said Larkin, “and the science is so safe behind this vaccine.”

Cole said she belongs to a Facebook group, Indy Moms, where parents share her concerns about vaccinations.

“Some of us that are just deadest that we are not going to vaccinate, we are not going to put these chemicals in our children’s bodies. This definitely puts us in a position where you know we’re going to have to defend our position and really see how far we can take this,” Cole said.

“We will see how far the state digs their heels in and how far I will dig mine in.”


  • Grace

    What’s the point? All non-vaxers need to do is provide a note stating that vaxing is against their ”religion”.

    Plain and simple, if you choose not to vax your kids, keep them home with you.

    • Sarah

      Our kids deserve to go to school, vaccinated or not (for WHATEVER reason), just like everyone else's. The decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate is a personal choice, but needs to be made in an educated manner. If you choose not to give your child the vaccination for chicken pox, for example, if there is a case of chicken pox reported at your child's school, you keep them at home until the outbreak is over. If they show any symptoms, same thing.

      If your child is vaccinated, you shouldn't even be worried, right?

      • Sam

        Problem with that is by the time there is an outbreak at your child's school, your child has already been exposed, thus that plan will not work for your child.

      • Grace

        What about the child who can’t have the vaccine? They should get the illness because others choose not to have it?

  • Grace

    It’s not a personal choice. You’re making an uninformed choice for your child and putting my child at risk as well. I am that parent who asks if you vaccinated. Your child wont play with/endanger my child because you took medical advice from a porn star.

    • Joyce

      That was an idiotic comment. As if any parent who makes the extremely difficult choice to refuse vaccinations did so because of Jenny McCarthy. Who is NOT a porn star despite your attempt at demeaning another women through fictitious slut shaming. Your child is not put at risk by my child. In fact it is just the opposite. Your uninformed choice puts my child at risk through shedding. These are the facts. I'm sorry you have bought into the pharma purchased safety studies and the excessively manipulated government. Why don't you buy another pack of DR. endorsed cigarettes to calm your nerves and enjoy some sugar council endorsed corn syrup and tell me how we are idiots to question the incredibly dubious science holding vaccines up.

    • guest

      If you child has been vaccinated, why are you afraid to let your kid play with an unvaccinated child?
      It sounds like you don't believe the vaccines work.

    • MountainMan

      Grace, you are so wrong to assume people have made an uninformed choice. I am a parent and I have spent countless hours reading articles, both mainstream and academic medical journals and studies on vaccines. I've also taken an online course sponsored by the Cochran Collaborative on how to assess the quality of medical evidence. Finally, I read about the history of vaccine development and how these products were inadequately tested or not tested at all, or worse, safety data was falsified, from the very beginning back in the late 19th century and through 1920. It only got worse from there. I'll bet you I'm better informed than most doctors, who blindly accept everything the AMA, Big Pharma, and the CDC dishes out, including their money. Based on all available, quality evidence I came to the conclusion that the risks of vaccines and all their toxic ingredients far outweighs any perceived benefit. If one determines there is substantial risk and you're still not sure of the evidence, I choose to follow the adage, "first do no harm." You cannot say that with vaccines and how dare you give us your holier than thou ignorant comment about an "uninformed choice."

  • Ana

    Live vaccines SHED the virus. I am so sick of this vaccine control! They keep adding vaccines and forcing these injections on children. Why are people so afraid of vaccines but not of the animal viruses in them? For someone who wants to find the data there are a great number of sources that cite this contamination but for the masses who don't feel like doing the research check out these sources. People who slam those who make an educated choice to NOT vaccinate are just working toward fascism.

  • Gena

    CRAZY! More injections of poison! Time for people to start saying NO! Start researching instead of allowing complete strangers in a lab coat to inject crap into your children just because they are told to.

  • Momma

    I don;t get it. I had chicken pox when I was a kid. Yes it sucked but so what. I don't get why ppl are all worked up about the chicken pox it's not like it is going to kill every person that gets it.

  • Inthebellyofthewhale

    The only thing I remember from having chicken pox when I was a kid was that I got to stay home from school…awesome!!! It must not have been that bad. Of course, my parents fed me very well and kept me very healthy. So my immune function is very good. The marketeers of vaccines are brilliant. They have sold them and the "science" so well that now the people almost fight to enforce the vaccine manufacturer's doctrine on each other. That is marketing genius. It is sad that we've forgotten what our true potential is. The human instrument in it's optimal functioning state is not a good host for disease, because it can adapt and/or mount an attack with greater efficacy than any disease causing agent. When will we remember the wisdom of nourishment and taking care of this vessel?

  • QuestionEverything

    Seriously? Parents who choose not to vaccinate are not uninformed or misinformed. They have done more research on the subject than other parents. Unvaccinated children are not diseased. You are ignorant to think otherwise. Did you know that vaccinated or not you can still be a carrier of the disease? Do you realize that vaccinated children STILL get the disease and even more so are likely to get the disease from the vaccine itself? My friend's daughter just received the MMR. She is now in the hospital with the measles in addition to an incredibly high fever and high pitched screaming (which is the poor baby hallucinating due to the vaccine reaction." I urge you to do true research on your own. In the meantime, don't post ignorance.

  • D taylor

    Consider this: you don't vaccinate your child for chicken pox and they manage to get to adulthood without ever getting it. Then they are at Much greater risk if they get it. It is very serious to get as an adult. It can be deadly! I never had chicken pox and never had the vaccine. I do have rheumatoid arthritis and must take meds that weaken my immune system. Therefore, since the CP vaccine is a live one, I can't take it or I will get CP. I can even get CP from being exposed to someone who has had a recent CP vaccine. I am also at risk from getting CP from anyone who has shingles. Pretty scary…

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