Urgent care centers see long lines as flu spreads

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People are waiting hours to see a doctor at several Indianapolis urgent care facilities as flu season tightens its grip across Central Indiana.

Dawn Munden brought her toddler, Abigail, to the St. Francis Immediate Care Center on Thompson Road, Tuesday night, because she had flu-like symptoms.

“She has a really high fever. About 101,” said Munden.

When she arrived, Munden realized there was about an hour-long wait.

“There was a couple of people waiting at the front desk to check in and this whole area was almost full,” she described.

The wait is even worse at other clinics. Fox 59 found out, at one point, there had been a three-hour long wait at MedCheck East.

Flu season in Indiana started about a month early this year and has hit hard. Dr. Chris Crosby, the doctor on call at St. Francis ICC, said he hadn’t been off his feet since he came to work.

“I know I’m gonna have to keep moving before I come in,” said Crosby.

He said he sees about 40 patients a day, but this flu season has nearly doubled the number. Many patients come in with the flu.

“There’s not a lot of down time,” he said.

Doctors recommend anyone seeking help at an urgent care facility should avoid peak hours when school is out and people get off work.

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  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Well when 0bama care goes into full effect, people will no longer go to urgent care centers for sniffy noses and aches. Well, at least, that's what he said.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >there had been a three-hour long wait at MedCheck East.

    Oh, and a multi-hour wait at any medcheck is NOT uncommon.

    • Guest46143

      Well of course when there's a spike in the Flu there's going to be an increase in wait times any where you go not just at medcheck locations. Disgruntled are we?

    • dawnptba

      Unfortunately when your primary care physician won't see you, you have a choice to wait for days or weeks to get scheduled. So several hours vs days or weeks isn't that bad.


    The flu is spreading because all you sheep keep getting the FLU shot. You are more likely to get the flu if you get the flu shot. The flu shot is full of mercury and cancer causing chemicals. And you people PAY to get it INJECTED INTO YOUR BLOOD STREAM! This is why you are sick. DUH.

    • Linda Erwin

      As of today – there is no wait at many of the MedChecks – check the WebAheads – I also know that at the sites I have been to – the providers and staff are outstanding, professional and very caring and best of all open when you need a physician. They are open daily and were open Christmas and New Years when many places were closed, so I for one am thankful to have the MedChecks to go to as I know that I can trust them to take care of myself and my family.

  • @HendricksHealth

    Wait times for the Hendricks Regional Health Immediate Care Centers and ER are available online at hendricks.org. At the time of this comment, the wait is less than 30 minutes at both locations (in Avon and Plainfield). If your not sure if the shot is for you, check out these 5 flu shot myths DEBUNKED. http://ow.ly/gDEXn

  • urgent care now

    Before flu is spreading all around the corner of the state we need sufficient and vital treatment; therefore at regular intervals we used to visit health care experts and urgent care clinic from where we got beneficial positive results and treatments. Urgent care clinics are professionally eligible for providing beneficial treatments for any kind of horrible diseases and flu attacks at every emergency situation. So we prefer urgent care centers for further treatments.

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