Court documents: Father accused of fatally stabbing son said ‘someone was trying to kill him’

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The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office has released new details in the stabbing death of a 2-year-old boy.

Police arrested the boy’s father, Micah Harrison, 30, and charged him with murder. According to the probable cause affidavit, police went to the Noblesville apartment where Harrison was staying in response to a 911 call around 4:45 p.m. Wednesday.

When they arrived at the Autumn Breeze apartment complex, they encountered Harrison, who was standing in front of the apartment complex in the parking lot. Police asked Harrison if he’d made the emergency call. He said he had not and “pointed in the direction of apartment 14,” according to court documents. Police said he had “what appeared to be blood” on his hands.

Officers put Harrison in the back of a squad car while others went to the apartment. Inside, they found Harrison’s son—2-year-old Michael Harrison—in a spare bedroom at the apartment, “lying on his back on the floor between the dresser and television stand.” Police observed multiple injuries, including two in the chest and another in the forehead. Police said the injuries were consistent with stab wounds.

Officers tried to revive the boy and secured the area. Two girls, ages 4 and 5, were also at the apartment. A woman, who identified herself as Harrison’s mother and the children’s grandmother, identified the girls as Harrison’s daughters. She said Harrison drove with his children from Alabama to Noblesville the day before.

During the afternoon, the woman said Harrison stated that “someone or something was trying to kill him.” He attacked a utility closet door with a claw hammer, which the woman later hid. She told him that no one was after him and noticed Harrison move to the room where Michael was playing.

She “observed Micah on top of Michael,” court documents said, and saw Harrison “stab Michael two to three times with a kitchen knife.” The woman took the knife away and informed Harrison that “he had just killed his son.” She then called 911.

Medical personnel declared the boy dead when they arrived.

Officers found blood on the bed, walls, furniture and ceiling. They also saw a nail puller that Harrison may have used. Investigators said the tool was consistent with the boy’s forehead injury.

Harrison is due for an initial hearing Thursday afternoon.


  • Guest

    When here son attacked the door with a hammer and was saying someone or something was going to kill him, his mother should have called 911 and told them what was going on, sounds like she could have gotten him some type of help before this happened. It seems that way from the statement she gave to the police anyways, she said earlier in the afternoon he did that. I know if one of my children we acting out of sorts like that I would be calling 911 and getting them to a hospital.

    • Cyndi

      I'm sure this grandmother is going through hell. Hopefully she will not run into too many people blaming her while she faces this crisis.

  • lisa

    I feel so sorry for.the family that they had a father , son, husband whatever as a murder in their lives an didn’t even.know it . He had to be on drugs .

    • Judy

      Or maybe he should have been on drugs, he may have a mental problem that needed to be treated, So unfortunate such a young life was taken in such a horrific way

  • Tia

    Where's the mom at in this situation? Very sad! The child was only 2 and it sounds like the dad had some mental problems going on. It seems like more and more individuals are dealing with some type of mental blockage or drug use. The grandmother should have took more action. Those little girls are going to be traumatized. My heart goes out to them! God Bless us All!

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Mark my words! This mofo has some sort of psychosis and most likely schizophrenia but worse his azz is either undermedicated or not taking his medication. And once again the innocent pays the price because someone close to the psycho did not take the signs of violent serious.

    C'mon people! Do something about these jacked up people with violent pathologies who are not being properly medicated! Damn…it's just that simple!

  • kelly

    Are fucking serious this man needs to die and the grandmother needs to go to jail i garenty this is going to be treated as a sanity case which i think this man just lost his temper and couldn’t handle the child this wrld is going crazy why wud u attach all these childern what can they do throw a toy at youthis wrld is getting crazy

  • Harvey Henkelmann

    There should be no trial, no chance for him to be housed and fed at taxpayer expense.

    What he needs is a bullet to the base of the skull, that will rid society of this mad dog.

  • GunControlNOW

    Unbelievable! THIS is the reason why we need stricter gun laws. I hope Biden comes up with his new gun control package soon. If we had strict gun control like England, maniacs like this man would not be able to stab innocent people to death!

    • Ashley

      Im really confused…How would gun control help a stabbing incident?? In fact, this is proof that violence would still happen even without guns around…

      • GunControlNOW

        But I am a liberal tool. I have been indoctrinated to believe that every act of violence, even car accidents, are caused by guns or the mere presence of guns. And people like me teach at major colleges, run the media and serve as your lawmakers. But sorry, can't talk to you for long…I have to go or I'll miss the next episode of Honey Boo Boo.

  • IN Guest

    Hey stupid–the baby was not shot. If you don't like guns, don't have them. Control yourself unlike this psycho did.

    • GunControlNOW

      I assume you are replying to me? I know, but I am a leftist tool who cannot think for himself. I have been taught that guns cause all violence in the world, even bizarre sexual fetishes. Sorry, got to go. Honey Boo Boo is on and if I miss this show I am gonna cry.

      • Ryan

        While we see what you are doing here with sarcasm, do you really need to politicize the death of an innocent child? This is something the actual leftist would do, use a sad tragedy to advance their agenda.

  • john

    Yeah go ahead with the death penalty for this sick individual! While your at it make it a very slow painful process, he should not go quickly but suffer pain beyond belief before he passes

    • jim johansen

      probably smoking darkness that he got at the handy spot on east washington street across from meijer they continue to sell this illegal drug

  • merrilee

    neglect of a dependent is a good charge to start with on the grandma. Then just work your way up. Being a grandmother myself I would have protected my grandkids with my life. I wouldn't have let my own child around defenseless babies. She let him kill this baby.

    • Cyndi

      Did you not read he arrived with the children only the day before? I have not read that the grandmother had warning signs. I'm sure there are a lot of "well, I would've…". Maybe this family would benefit from support, maybe a prayer or two?

  • missy

    if you seen anyone acting this way and they started heading in a direction where your child was at WHY would you not run after them and knock them down or whatever it took to get to your child and protect them at any cost!!! why would you just stand there and let it happen??? the mother and grandmother should get charged with neglect if they were both home. i would get myself killed in a split second to protect my kids and grandkids. their lives will always come first.

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