Noblesville restaurant to offer free child ID program in case of emergencies

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NOBLESVILLE – Golden Corral in Noblesville is offering a free Child ID program where parents will receive a photo ID including fingerprints of their child, which can be useful in emergencies.

About every 40 seconds, a child is reported missing in the United States, according to the Office of Juvenile Justice. That equates to 800,000 missing children each year. However, less than two percent of parents have ever had their children’s fingerprints taken, which provide law enforcement authorities with a valuable tool to help them locate and identify missing children.

In an effort to help parents safeguard their children, Scott Van Kirk, owner of the Golden Corral restaurant, is offering the GuardianKIDS I.D. Program to families in Noblesville and the surrounding area. This free program, which is part of the restaurant’s “Making a Difference” campaign, will be held on the following dates: Jan. 22, Jan. 24, Feb. 5 and Feb. 7 from 4 to 8 p.m., and on Jan. 26 and Feb. 9 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“No parent should ever have to go through the nightmare of having their child go missing,” says Van Kirk. “As a parent of four children with a fifth on the way, I want to take all steps possible to insure my children’s safety. That’s why I’m offering the GuardianKIDS I.D. program to families in the Noblesville area.”

For each child participating in the program, parents will receive one Bio-Doc that contains the child’s photograph and accurate fingerprints. Also, parents can record their child’s vital information on the Bio-Doc form. With the program’s state-of-the-art equipment and software, children as young as three months old can be photographed and fingerprinted. The information contained on the Bio-Doc will help the police in recovering the child in the event that he or she goes missing.

Additionally, parents will receive safety information, instructions for collecting DNA samples from their child, and a step-by-step procedure detailing what they should do if their child goes missing.

“During times like that all you can think of is the heartbreaking stories you see on TV and in the news about children who have gone missing,” says Van Kirk. “And you hope you will find your child soon, safe and sound.”

Also on the GuardianKIDS I.D. Program dates at the Golden Corral, residents can register to win a home security system and a year of free monitoring provided by OnGuard Security Solutions, a Guardian Protection Dealer, located in Fishers. No purchase is necessary to enter the drawing or to participate in the identification program.

There is no charge or obligation to participate.  This event is open to everyone with children over 3 months old.

The Golden Corral restaurant is located at 15755 N. Pointe Blvd., Noblesville. To learn more about Golden Corral, visit their website.

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