Indianapolis named one of best cities to find a job

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The Circle City was touted as one of the best cities to work in.

According to CareerBliss’ annual list, “2013 Best and Worst Cities to Find a Job,” Indianapolis ranked no. 9.  The list was compiled based on data collected through employee-submitted company reviews.  Employment trends and job openings were also factored into the rankings.

“To find a city that has a great job market, you must look beyond just one factor,” said Heidi Golledge, CEO and co-founder of CareerBliss, in a statement on the company’s website.  “At CareerBliss, our unique understanding of what makes people happy at work, combined with our unsurpassed knowledge of job trends, and unique career tools available on our website enables us to share information with people to help them assess the best location for their career.”

In order to determine employee happiness, the company analyzed 10 key factors that impact a work environment: work-life balance, relationship with boss and co-workers, work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, daily tasks and job control over work performed on a daily basis.

Los Angeles, Calif. was named the best place to work, and Boulder, Colo. was selected as the worst.

View the complete list.

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    Quick! Someone tell that man that was featured in yesterday's news article about panhandling that he doesn't have to sit on the side of the road and jiggle a cup full of coins!

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