Leads slim down in Spierer case, family opens up

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Missing IU student Lauren Spierer’s father told Fox 59, Thursday, leads in the case have slimmed down, but he still has hope he will bring her home.

The 20-year-old college co-ed disappeared on June 3rd, 2011.

In a rare interview, the Spierer family invited People magazine into their home to talk about the past 19 months without Lauren.

In the magazine, Lauren’s mother Charlene is pictured staring at boxes and boxes of her daughter’s belongings. Rob Spierer told Fox 59, they have been unable to bring themselves to open them.

“It’s just too emotional for us to begin to open, separate, think about all the things that are in those boxes,” said Rob Spierer.

He said the family no longer believes Lauren is alive and he does not believe she was abducted.

“I think that Lauren was in a state where she was unable to take care of herself,” said Rob Spierer. “And I don’t know that she ever left the apartments that she went to after she left from Kilroys.”

To bring her home would take a break in an almost two-year old case. Just this week, the Spierer family spoke with Bloomington Police and the private investigators they hired.

Although the number of leads have dropped recently, Rob Spierer said they are still receiving tips and acting on them.

In the meantime, he is still waiting for answers from the people who saw his daughter last.

“From their perspective, they’ve done everything that they can do,” he said. “From our perspective, they’ve not done everything they can do, because the one thing we’ve asked that they do, which is take the law enforcement polygraph, they’re not prepared to do.”

However, Rob and Charlene maintain hope that one day their daughter will come home so they can properly say goodbye.

One thing is for sure, the family refuses to give up or let Lauren’s story go away.

“We still have that hope that someone will have a crisis of conscious and come forward, share what they know, help us find our little girl, and end this nightmare.”


  • Maryann

    I still think they should check the concrete walls in those new buildings that were being built. If she died on a job site there it would obviously put construction behind and cost someone a lot a money. Also that white truck belonging to a contractor that circled the block really late….. Not to mention all the illegals they had working on the buildings in that area. So many undocumented workers were around there. Who knows what kind of record they may have had. I work around there everyday. I see it all the time. Also no contractor is out that late for work reasons just to make that clear. And since that man was cleared I would be curious as to who he knows cause he was up to something and they even kept his name out of the news for his protection.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    It's amazing! Thousands and thousands of children go missing every year but this family has mastery over the media. At one point in 2012 they were holding a carrot out to WRTV (and other outlets) once every 4-6 weeks and the media nibbled on the carrot!

    I guess if you're young, female, white, and attractive the media will follow up on all story angles, everytime! If you lack one of those attributes and go missing, good luck making even a 1 paragraph article "under the fold" on a media website!

    • jdthdavies

      The Spierers are fighting for their child!!!!!!!!!! You could be so lucky to have this kind of love fighting for you, should you disappear. If circumstances were not so suspicious, this story might have gone underground, but the average reaction of those reading details goes from advocating vigalanteeism to wanting charges brought against her "friends"._I'd say your comments are cruel at best. At worst, I wonder your motives for posting such hateful stuff.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Look fool! I don't dispute they are fighting for their child.

        However, there are 1000s of people who are fighting for their missing children and they don't get jack diddly squat from the media though they try.

        Suspicious circumstances? lol…please! What MFing missing child did NOT go missing under suspicious circumstances? That was just stupid to write.

        >motives for posting such hateful stuff.

        I'm posting facts that you can't deal with it. Look up the so-called "damsel in distress syndrome" and tell me that's now happening here.

      • jdthdavies

        Have you read nothing about this case?
        Why would you deny these parents their fight?
        The reason that you give has no basis. (they should not get media attention because so many other missing people get little to none? Illogical at best.)
        What is your real anger here, anyway?

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        You're an idiot.

        Their child's circumstances are no more superior or stranger than anyone else who has gone missing. Why you think otherwise is insane.

        >should not get media attention because so many other missing people

        lol…idiot. Where did I write that? I just marvel at the fact only certain people get so much attention and others get nothing.

        What's even funnier and highly ironic is if your azz went missing and you're not young, white, attractive, and female you'd be a blip on the new's radar.

  • none

    I wouldn't take a polygraph to appease this family either. They've done their best to portray their daughter's friends as guilty in the media, and wouldn't let up even after law enforcement cleared them as suspects in her disappearance. The Spierers went after those kids so aggressively that they all had to get legal representation, and then the Spierers used the fact that they'd lawyered up to try as more "proof" they they' were guilty of something. They now say they believe she wasn't abducted but still insist that their blind drunk, drug-abusing "little girl" isn't responsible for her choices and behavior that created this sad situation, but that her friends are, and that they owe the Spierer family something. All parents have delusions about their kids, but it's way past time for these parents to let go of theirs and stop blaming others. Remember the kid at Purdue who wandered into a restricted area while very drunk, died, and his body wasn't found for months despite massive searches? Sounds like these parents believe something like this happened, but still want someone else to take responsibility.

    • noone

      Somehow this case got a little extra attention, I remember when there was a gentleman that went missing same time but had no attention. The guy was maybe early 20's and had a medical condition but all you saw was a blip in the news. The only thing that got the blip in the news was the mother who was upset that every other missing person was being drown by Spierer frenzy. If it hadn't received the media attention that it did, could have improved their chances of finding someone that knew where she might have went.

    • jdthdavies

      This girl did not make herself disappear. The police and the parents' private investigators have evidence not shared with the public.
      If their daughter was "blind drunk, drug-abusing" as you say, why did her companions not get her help?
      If I had to guess why she disappeared, I might guess that someone gave her a drug she should not have had, she got very sick, and instead of calling 911, someone took her away to hide evidence of their own culpability.
      Her parents have to know a whole lot more than "none" (YOU). They will work until they get their answers.

  • Amber

    Are you seriously complaining about the news talking about someone that missing? It doesn't matter that it was 19 months ago. If it was your child, I bet you would still want the news talking about it, trying to being your little girl home. The Jill Behrman case was in the news for a long time, too. Did you complain about that one as well?

    • missed the point

      So you haven't caught on to the fact that it's only conventionally-attractive white females that ever get this level of media attention?

      Have you NEVER seen an episode of Nancy Grace?

  • okjj

    Good Info · 23 hours ago

    RT of Cindy: These articles are completely false and it is horrible that the parents continue to tell lies to keep the story controversial and in the news. I know for a fact the last known boy to see her took a polygraph immediately and most of the other boys did as well. It is so sad that the parents lost their daughter, but it is horrible that they are resorting to trying to ruin the lives of her friends who they know have been 100% cooperative since day one, but yet the parents tell the media otherwise because it is the only way the media will continue to talk about this story, otherwise there is nothing to talk about.
    +2 Vote up Vote down

    LLL · 1 hour ago

    Don't you think the Media can check the facts? Who is your source???
    0 Vote up Vote down

    bystander · 48 minutes ago

    LLL you are very naive to think that the media knows ALL and that they can check all the "FACTS", I was a writer for a newspaper for years and let me tell you that nearly half the things you read are either false, skewed or incorrect. The medias job is not to get things right it is to report what they are told, in this case; the girls parents.
    -1 Vote up Vote down

    Dana · 58 minutes ago

    I agree with Jordan, her parents know drunk college kids could never get away with hiding a body for even more than a day especially almost two years, her parents know this, the police know this and the private investigators they hired know this. They are all nice jewish boys who would call 911 in any type of emergency + none of them even had cars at school during that summer session, how do I know this because I was their neighbor. Her parents are afraid to admit to the media what really happened because they are afraid the media will no longer be interested in another case about an abduction, however by blaming her friends it makes this story different from the other 10 of thousands abduction cases a year.
    0 Vote up Vote down

    blah · 13 minutes ago

    but we know that normal drunk college kids could never get away with it not RICH drunk college kids. they are capable of all things because of their rich parents and some of the people she was with did not cooperate and immediately got lawyers when she went missing…if they did nothing wrong why do they need a lawyer. suspicious.
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    Friend · less than 1 minute ago

    First of all they all did cooperate immediately before they got lawyers.. in fact I even saw JR and some of the others with her dad helping him search for hours and I know her dad had contact with him on the phone before even arriving to bloomington. "if they did nothing wrong why do they need a lawyer" that shows how ignorant you are. Are you trying to say innocent people don't need lawyers? They are kids and the media attacks them for every word they say and twist the words that come out of their mouth. Without a lawyer, maybe innocent people would be perceived as guilty. Also the police try and trick people into admitting things that are not true by intimidating them.

    Read more at https://fox59.com/2013/01/10/parents-share-what-li….
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    Educated Citizen · 22 hours ago

    Building off of Blah.. I hope you don't take this the wrong way but you are clearly uneducated to think Rich people could get away with something like this. The Police have seen all of the phone calls from all the kids phone records from that night until the next morning and there was NO SUSPICIOUS calls on any of their phones. They may be in the upper class of wealth but they are not magicians or psychopaths. To completely flip what you are saying.. Wealthy people are educated and know to call 911 in emergencies. Why would they not call 911 it was confirmed none of them were drug dealers and even did drugs, so why wouldnt they call 911 if something happened.. clearly nothing happened and she was abducted.

  • wow

    wow enough said ^^^^^
    I totally can see that her parents are lying about their contact with the boys as well as what they actually think happened. Great PR move to keep the story hot. However, its wrong I feel for the boys.

  • Johnson

    Yea I have read articles saying they took polygraphs over a year ago as well as had met with the Spierers many times

  • Guest

    Thats a good point because in People Mag they say they think their daughter was "drugged" when actually if you talk to any of her friends it is a fact that she did drugs often and voluntarily. Her parents know this from all the interviews their hired Investigators have done. Her parents know who their daughter did drugs with that night and still lie and say they think she was "drugged". Its hard to believe a word they say after saying they were "stonewalled" from the boys when that is not true at all according to all friends of Lauren.

  • Gam

    That lawyer comment above.. Wouldn't you want a lawyer after this girls parents are basically accusing you in the National Media? 20 year old kids c'monn now in a situation like this you need a lawyer for legal advice. IMO there is no way kids could get a away with a crime like this especially without any preparation. Have some faith in your law enforcement. They would have caught these kids if they did ANYTHING wrong.

    • jdthdavies

      Yet some of these cases go on for years, all the while the guilty are known (and watched) by law enforcement. It takes some time for prosecutors to get everything right, especially in a case as big as this.
      I don't know who will be caught, as you say, but nobody is out of the woods by any stretch.

  • megan

    I don't understand why people are posting negative comments because Laurens story is still being talked about in the media. Are any of you people parents? If one of my babies were missing, I would do anything and everything possible to keep the story alive. No matter what the circumstances were that night…(yes she was drunk, yes she was possbily on drugs, yes she put herself into a risky situation)…she is still a person who deserves to be found. Her family and friends love her…to all of you she is just a name, a pretty face, but to her family she is much more than that. God bless the Spierers, they are living a life of hell. Can any of you imagine never seeing one of your children again, or going to bed at night wondering if tomorrow will be the day you find out some news, or jumping everytime the phones rings hoping for information?…no you can't. Don't judge this family. They love their daughter, and they are doing everything in their power to bring her home…where she belongs.

    • Guest

      Bravo Megan. How anyone can turn this crime around to be the victim's fault is yet another crime. Drunk, drugged, sick, or sober: Lauren did not hide herself.

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