Local voices on gun control issue speaking loud and clear to Washington D.C.

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Both side of the gun control issue are hoping lawmakers hear them and they’re hoping their ideas could be apart of new laws or tougher regulation on a national level.

The group, One Million Moms for Gun Control, is looking for a common sense approach to gun control. And local attorney, fire arms instructor and gun safety expert, Guy Relford, is hoping for laws that make sense and go after those who are committing crimes like the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and not those that punish law abiding gun owners across the country.

“It’s a matter of what you do that makes sense to try to prevent that from happening without punishing millions and millions of law abiding gun owners in the process. If gun control is truly designed to keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have guns then that’s reasonable.

“Let’s make sure we have adequate databases for knowing who’s been involuntarily committed and have received psychiatric treatment and who really poses a danger to society. Let’s make sure background checks are being conducted,” said Relford.

Shannon Watts, Founder of One Million Moms for Gun Control, said the issue is about common sense legislation.

“This is not about banning guns or punishing any gun owners at all there’s clearly a Second Amendment that allows people to have arms, but I’m not allowed to have a hand-held rocket launcher. There has to be some limits on what people can have.

“We have to keep the Second Amendment, but look at common sense regulation that will assure that when I send my son to school everyday, he’s gonna come back and right now those laws are not in place,” said Watts.

Both sides do agree that background checks must be conducted on everyone who buys a gun.

Vice President Joe Biden is expected to give his recommendation to the President next week.


  • Gunner

    Here is a good idea, let's just INFORCE the laws already on the books. Making more laws does nothing but restrict the law abiding citizen. They are called criminals because the don't follow the law.

  • Brian

    Here's one for you! do you anti gun people realize that automobiles are the number one leading cause of death in children, Then we have swimming pools but guess what way is the least Guns.. thats right.. Now, How many guns have protected people… ALOT MORE than You CREDIT… The problem isnt GUNS.. No gun kills anyone, Its the People that USE them.. So why punish people who follow the rules.. Are you going to ban automobiles, Or swimming pools… Thats the question

  • RedStateVet

    As soon as I see the words"common sense" gun regulation, I cringe. That's just gunbanner code. What is being ignored here is that in almost everyone of these cases, the guns were stolen or illegally obtained. One more gun law would not have helped.

    Background checks- there is no such thing as the "Gun Show Loophole". When one private citizen sells a personally owned gun to another private citizen (a perfectly legal transaction), no background check is required. Even the most rabid gunbanners admit the logistics of requiring a check for every private sale would be daunting and prohibitively expensive.

    "Assault" weapons. Never mind that the true definition of an assault weapon is a fully automatic weapon, which is already illegal without a special , almost impossible to obtain permit. Gunbanners would have you believe that it's ok to ban semi-automatic weapons because they did not exist when the 2nd amendment was written. Well, high speed printing presses, radio, television and the internet did not exist then either, so it would be OK to put draconian regulations on that speech, right?

    • nmp68

      But when the 2nd Amendment was written. It was written for the citizens to be able to obtain the same firearms as the military. We are already less than that. What people need to realize is that gun control is not for the safety of people, it is for control of people.

  • Chris Pope

    During the 10 years of the first so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” from when it became law on September 13, 1994 to when it expired on September 13, 2004 there were 25 shootings resulting in a murder or wounding at an elementary or high-school. This is an average of 2.5 schools shootings resulting in a murder per year during the ban.

    In the ten year preceding the ban from September 13th 1984 to September 13th 1994, there were 14 shootings resulting in a murder or wounding at an elementary or high-school. This is an average of 1.4 per year, or just over half the number that took place during the ban.

    In the 8 years since the ban expired, there have been 11 shootings resulting in a murder or wounding at an elementary or high-school. This is an average of 1.375 per year. Again this is just over half the number that took place during the ban.

    Using this data, we see that passing gun-ban legislation does not prevent school shootings. It could also be argued that it actually encourages and increases school shootings.

    Gun laws to not work. This is evident if you simply take an unbiased look through the history of gun-control legislation.

    Any murder of our children at a school whether by a firearm or any other means is abhorrently evil and must be prevented.

    We protect our money with armed guards, armored vehicles, blast-proof safes and a myriad of other measures. We have entire police forces and armed guards protecting our politicians. Yet we do not protect our nation's most valued treasure, our children, in the same way. Why is this?

    We must demand that our state and federal law-makers pass legislation that puts responsible, trained and armed teachers, educators, administrators, guards and police at our schools.

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