Man cries while confessing to fatally stabbing 2-year-old son in court Thursday

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The man accused in the stabbing death of his 2-year-old son admitted to the crime at his initial hearing Thursday afternoon.

Michael William Harrison, 30, struggled with Hamilton County sheriff deputies, minutes before his court appearance, and was removed from the room.

A distraught Harrison returned to the hearing an hour later, shackled at the waist and ankles.

“I want death,” he told the judge. “I can’t do this right now.  There’s too many questions.”

Throughout the hearing, Harrison wept, put his head on the table and even attempted to walk away.

“Ya’ll should take me out back and shoot me,” said Harrison. “I killed my poor little baby.”

Harrison was arrested Wednesday night in a Noblesville apartment after police located 2-year-old Michael Harrison, who sustained fatal stab wounds to the chest and forehead.

A neighbor told Fox59 News that the children were playing in the snow when an obviously angry Harrison forced them inside the apartment. The boy briefly struggled and an older sister begged her father to allow her to keep playing.

The neighbor told Fox59 News that she verbally confronted Harrison for his behavior, but after glancing at her, he continued to force the children into the apartment. Then, the neighbor said there was screaming and a dog barking.

According to court documents, Harrison traveled with his three children to Noblesville from Alabama to visit his mother, Pamela Harrison. She told authorities Harrison was ranting that someone was trying to kill him and attacked a closet door with a claw hammer prior to allegedly killing his son.

Pamela told police that as she hid the hammer from Harrison she spotted her son and Michael on the floor of a back bedroom.

It is unclear why Harrison killed the young boy.

Micah Harrison’s grandmother in Alabama, Noran Harrison, told Fox59 News, “I couldn’t believe it when I heard it because he generally won’t do nothing like that.

“He thought the world of that boy and his two daughters. He really thought the world of them.”

Harrison is being held on a suicide watch at the Hamilton County Jail pending his next hearing in February. When advised to his right to a trial, Harrison replied, “I hope I don’t live that long.”

He faces a March 12 trial date.

Prosecutor Lee Buckingham indicated he may seek life without parole if Harrison is convicted.

Buckingham witnessed the video feed of Harrison struggling with deputies and confessing to murder.

“I won’t discuss any of the facts or circumstances of the case or what happened in the courtroom today or how that would affect our proceeding.”


  • rachel

    They should have shot him right then. Saves time and money, and since he was struggling, I would think it would be found justifiable. And seriously, what jury would say a cop was wrong for taking this guy out?

    • Krystal

      Unfortunately if the police had shot and killed him, then all of the cop-haters would have been up in arms about excessive force being used. Even though he was resisting, he was not endangering anyone except himself even though he was armed with a knife. I agree that our tax dollars should not be wasted on a trial for this man since he has admitted guilt and does not want to live. However, allowing him to take his own life will only cause more pain and grief for his family and other children and I think they are suffering enough as it is. That poor baby!

      • Krystal

        You hate cops but you expected them to kill this man? Have you ever lived in a country where law enforcement had no power at all? I imagine if your home was broken into, your car was stolen or you were physcially attacked you would be the first to expect the police to show up and do their job despite your hate for them? Police officers kiss their wives and children every day and never know if it will be the last time they get to do so. They put their lives on the line to protect people like you who hate them for doing their job. Being a police officer is sadly a thankless job and no one seems to respect them any longer. I know that their are police officers out there that are not beyond breaking laws themselves, however, there are really good cops that are extremely dedicated to protecting the citizens of this country. Instead of hating cops maybe you should thank one for making it possible for you to live in a relatively safe environment.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >It is unclear why Harrison killed the young b

    Because he's psychotic, people knew, and NO ONE DID ANYTHING!

    You mofos who have loved ones that are sick in the head need to get a better grip on these people.

    • clb

      U can thank Daniels for this….he is the one that put alot of the mentally ill on the street. And not just him, but a lot of other states have done so also. It's not necessarily the the loved ones fault. Read the papers…..people have TRIED to keep their loved ones hospitalized because THEY know their loved ones need constant help, but when there is NO help available there is not much they can do. I worked in a mental hospital and I hate to think that some of the clients I have known are on the streets, but politics rule and the mentally ill loose. And I know for a fact there are many ppl out there could have cared less when Daniels did this…….now they are screaming "What's wrong?"

  • RC

    I’m quite sure others have come to the conclusion that the perpetrator was likely on Meth, bath salts, or Heroin. He obviously was experiencing paranoid thoughts. We may also discover that he had a history that may explain his crazed, psychotic behavior. Regardless, he needs to serve life in prison. Most likely his fellow inmates may put him out of his misery if he doesn’t find a way to kill himself first. The world has truly gone mad.

  • Tiffany

    usually, i wouldn't say give a baby killer whatever he wants, but i'll make an exception in this case. if he wants to be taken out back and shot, by all means do it!!!!

  • Carole

    where the hell is the mother of the children, has anyone asked that question? Has anyone checked anything out about her? Does anyone wander if he did something to the mother of the children?

    • Jeannie

      The children's mother was searching for her children. They had been abducted from Florida. The Mother /Grandmother are wonderful and loving!

    • ldw

      I know the mother personally and she did not know he took their children to Noblesville. He took them without permission. Please pray for my friend and her family. She is going through unspeakable unfathomable pain.

  • Angela

    Your all sick mofo's , you don't know what you would do if you , yourself was mentally ill and a demon or drug side effect caused you to do the same thing to one of your love ones , stop judging and find out all the facts before you start with your kangroo court ! I mean really stupid azzes , he is entitled to a trial and and a jury of his peers …

    • Angie

      The "sick mofo's" are the selfish that put their own want for instant gratification above the lives of their own kids. Drug addicts aren't the only one's that struggle, we all have our burdens to bear. I lived with a narcissist addict, that's exactly what his stupid azz would say.

    • michael

      im afraid some will never understand mental illness and thats the saddest part of this story really cause it affects millions and nobody cares

  • Guest

    No he doesn't deserve life in prison.. I don't want our tax dollars wasted to feed this POS. At &0.50 a shot, a 45 ACP between the eyes would do the trick and save us a lot of money. Hell I pay for the bullet if that helps…

  • amber

    why would you shoot him?? let him live and suffer knowing what he did, the thoughts of EVERYTHING that night will haunt him, and the people in jail as well. i just dont understand wat would drive a parent to do something like this

  • Alice

    this is so sad my thoughts and prayers go out to the family all I can say is god will make him pay for taking his angel like this this pour baby did nothing wrong just has a monster for a dad this world is going crazy

  • Renee

    Wow! I have a mentally ill adult child and some of these comments are ridiculous. I agree this is terrible wrong and he needs to pay for what he did but to say the family needs to get control of their mentally ill family members is ludicrous. His head is probably already tortured so leaving him to think about what he did is not going to be any different than what he might already be thinking. I do believe he needs to pay a very high price for his actions. It is a very scary thought that someone could do these horrible acts.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      So Renee, if your son has a violent pathology associated with some sort of psychosis, you know he's been undermedicating himself, and you allow him to go on ranting about paranoid delusions and harming people, do nothing about it, he goes out and kills someone are you saying you would not find yourself the least bit responsible?

      • Renee

        I would not be responsible but of course I would have some of those feelings. Yet as a family we have done everything we could for our child to direct him in the correct way. Although as an adult, not living with us, you can not control what goes on. Even if I do everything humanly possible, I can not control his complete med intake. We as family need more support with mental health issues but not any of this excuses what this man did.

  • MeatPlow

    Speed it up- give him one month to come to his senses. and then give him a rope, if he so chooses to use it then great,
    If not, then he gets a trial, years in jail, therapy, rehab, whatever nut jobs get. All paid by some anonymous group charity with varying levels of contribution.
    (sh!t is easy to give away when it isn't yours)

  • Guest

    Not that I am sticking up for this guy in any way, but, is this ANOTHER case of someone unable to get proper mental healthcare due to no insurance/inadequate insurance? Was he not on medication or in need of medication?

  • chris

    The only reason we need to take him out back is because the cops that were struggling with him couldnt pull the trigger. He's done, it he admited to it, quit wasting time in the courts and just do it all ready. This will end up being a 5 year long process at minimum anything to drain every penny they can. The prosecutor needs to get life for not seeking the death penalty. Really what an idiot, why do we have these guys in place is to protect the normal citizen or is to drain every dime they can? Give the man what he wants and dont forget "An Eye for an Eye"…Mental or not this guy is already distraught over it obvious that he wants death please be kind and oblige his request.

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