Noblesville police arrest Alabama man accused of fatally stabbing his 2-year-old son

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Noblesville Police have arrested an Alabama man accused of fatally stabbing his 2-year-old son.

Micah Harrison, 30, faces murder charges.

Police were called to the 14000 block of Waterlily Drive on reports of a stabbing around 4:45 p.m. Wednesday. When they arrived, they found Michael Harrison suffering significant wounds to the head. He later died at the scene.

“The crime scene that we’re looking at right now was inside the apartment,” said Lt. Bruce Barnes with the Noblesville Police Department.

Police said Harrison and his son are from Robertsdale, Ala. Extended family members reportedly lived at the apartment. Investigators haven’t released any other details regarding motive or the events leading up to the stabbing.

Neighbors tell Fox59 News that they hadn’t seen Harrison or his son before Wednesday, but they did see an apparent confrontation between the boy and his father shortly before the alleged murder.

Morgan Hubble said she saw the boy playing on a small snow pile with two young girls at about 3:30 p.m.

“I saw this little boy fall down the hill and he was crying and I just sat in my car and this guy walked up,” said Hubble, who lives nearby. “He stood there for a little while and then the boy just takes off down the sidewalk, (the man) chased him and grabbed him by the coat and spanked him.”

Though the man soon went inside the apartment with the boy, neighbors later identified him as Micah Harrison because an hour later police arrived, and took him to the ground in the parking lot.

“I don’t know what he had in his hands, but the police kept saying, ‘Drop it. Drop it,’” said Liyah Fisher, who lives nearby. “They were like, ‘Put it down.'”

“He just had a really blank expression like he didn’t do anything at all,” said Alex Carstens, who also lives nearby.

“I just feel like I could have done something to stop it but I didn’t even know what to do,” Hubble said.

Micah Harrison has faced several criminal charges in the past, but none involving children. Charges out of Alabama include a 2009 assault charge, one for menacing and a third charge of allowing dogs to run free.

Authorities said they have notified the boy’s mother, who lives in Alabama.


    • IndyRacer57

      Please not so people can hear you. Remember we have locked God out most places. Someone might be offended. Most people only call Him when there is trouble.

  • Jam555

    Wtf happened? I am completely outraged and enraged by this tragic violent act against a helpless baby…

  • CMarinewife+mommy:)

    Why is a 30 year old grown adult stabbing a 2 year old in the head, where was family members, and why can't ya just take him outside and stab him in the head till he dies.. he is not worth our prison cell space or our tax money 😦

    • rcsmith1982

      Unfortunately, according to the story, this was the boy's father, so he WAS family. I would bet he was high.

  • Kathleen

    According to what I read earlier on this story, they thought it was the boy's father that did it!! That poor, helpless little boy!! May he rest in God's home now where harm will never come to him again!! Praying for the family members!!

  • jessica

    omg that motherfucker needs to die i hoep whoever did this to that innocent baby gets killed in jail i hope they beat him or her until they suffer ….r.i.p little man u will be sent with the rest of the angels ….i dont know u but i can say i love you …..u dident deserve none of that nonsense and i hope that whoever did this gets what they deserve ….

  • Sherry

    This world is really full of evil these days. It makes me sick at my stomach that someone would be capable of doing such a thing. My prayers go out to the family.

  • Twila

    What is wrong with todays world? Havent we all had enough of these horrible crimes agianst our innocent children who can not defend themselves ? Please for God sakes lets all stop all this crap about who right or wrong about the gun issues and and safety issues and schools and child abuse LETS QUIT ARGUEING ABOUT IT ALL WORDS ARE WORDS …… LETS HAVE SOME ACTION ON ALL THESE ISSUES AND STOP THESE KILLINGS ……. START SAVING OUR CHILDRENS LIVES…… God bless you dear child and prayers be with your grieving family.

  • Mary

    Really What A Big Man You Are Killing A Poor Lil Baby…Someone Should Of Cut Your Member Off A Long Time Ago & That Baby Would Be Fine & Alive!!!!.. Guessing You Hit On Women Too!!! Bring It On Big BOY!!! Mark My Words Your Turn Is Coming!!!

  • llm

    worthless p.o.s. its too bad they deem it nesecarry to put this……. person…. in protective custody. he needs to be let out in population where the other inmates can carry out real justice.

  • Sandra

    What the HELL is wrong with all these people in their 20's and 30's killing their babies or relatives children. My God if you don't want the responsibility of raising a child, and all that it intails, get yourself sterilized, or put the baby up for adoption. Their are many childless couples who would love to give a child a loving home.

  • Jannie

    This is very sad, how can a person do this to his own child, he is such cold blood murder, just to know how this little baby went thru this poor innocent creature, let him be rest in peace little angel…God bless my kids in this horrible world, you don't know who you can trust anymore..

  • Anonymous

    Y'all dont know the whole story and y'all think its right to judge someone!? Yea, it's wrong! But he would never hurt his children in his right mind! Y'all don't know what people go through in their lives so therefore y'all have absolutely no right to judge and post comments , why don't y'all just go on and worry bout your own selves?? He will get his punishment but what that punishment is doesnt involve any of y'all so leaving comments saying how awful it is doesnt help anything, it just hurts the relatives even more!

    • Guest

      He killed his 2 year old son. Stabbed him in the head. What more is really needed to know? I feel bad for the family having to come to grips in their heads about the dad, but, he killed his son. Was he out of his mind, I don't know. But he couldn't have spent much time walking thru reality to even entertain such thoughts much less carry it out. And yes, I will judge him and he is due his day in court. But get over yourself….he did this to his own son. You must not be a parent to write the bs you did.

      • Anonymous

        No, I’m not a parent , I’m the cousin and get over myself!?!? That’s my family, I know he did wrong and I know for a fact that he was not in his right mind to do something like this. And who is anyone to judge someone!? You’re name isn’t GOD! So no, you can get over yourself! I’ve had to watch my family go through so much and comments like that don’t help anything or anyone! I mean really, what is your comment going to fix?? Nothing! All it does is make things worse for the family members!

      • Mel

        I think Anonymous isn't a parent at all! Actually probaby not even a realtive— just trying to get some attention!

    • SMF_Hater

      DUMBEST SHIT EVER SAID…"Ya'll don't know the whole story"….of how a 2 yr old pissed his bio off so f'ing bad he drug him from the snow mound, up the side walk spanking him, to the breezw-way, into the apartment and stabbed lil man in the HEAD with a blade. Stupid MF'er…are you serious? I live less than 100 ft from where it happened and saw it ALL. Me "myself" saw it outside my window. Right mind? Such an ignorant comment you made…let me guess. You are ALSO located in Alabama. I'm here. Have the in"sight" of before, during, and after. HE hurt his relatives…..and ALL of us who live here. Rigjt mind my ass bitch. Been thru a lot in MY life but NEVER thought abt STABBING or hurting my own or any baby in the head or in any way. Shut the F up…U R completely outta place unless you can walk outta your door knock on mine in 30 seconds. Got evidence…wanna see before ur stupid ass speaks further?

      • Anonymous

        Okay listen here you little Yankee! Where I’m from, you know the southern way, we believe in spanking if the kid did wrong and I know for a fact that he would not hurt his kids on purpose in any kind of way and he had to be out of his right mind to do something like he did! But you know , you know more than I do because you’re the one related to him right!?!? Yea, didnt think so, but I can tell that this is obviously a lost cause considering your lack grammar and vocabulary skills!

    • MisC

      ummm— Probably because he killed an innocent baby! Stupid douchebag— Of course he's gonna be judged! If they didn't wnat comments on here they would disable them — maybe they should so idiots like you would post stupid comments like this!

    • saddened

      Wow! It must be extremely hard to deal with as a family member as well. But here in Indiana, we stand up for helpless litttle victims. Its called advocating! I am sure this isnt the first time he has hurt his kids. The kid was so scared he ran away from him. Most parents would pick their kid up if they fell down and got hurt, not kill them. Under no circumstance is this ok. Your cousin has an obvious history of abuse in the past! He has a record thats made public. Hopefully because of this case, another kid might be saved because of awareness! I am sorry for your loss but a story like this is heart wrenching and under no circumstance can this be jsutified. Regardless of what kind of life your cousin led!

  • priscilla

    Did they say why he killed his child? I really feel like violence is really becoming a part of this world and is only getting worse. I just hope ppl take their time to realize this and pay attention. I hope they realize they are just kids like we are,u can't handle that then think twice before having a family

  • Tiffany

    i have a two year old and nothing, NOTHING, she could ever do would make me react like that!!! if you get to the point where you get stressed out and need a break, like Dungy says in the commercial, crying isn't gonna kill them! put them in their crib and calm the hell don't! you don't shake a baby, you don't throw a baby, and you certainly don't stab an innocent defenseless baby!!!!! he will get what's coming to him!!! remember that, karma's a bitch

  • Sandra

    What the HELL is wrong with all these people in their 20's and 30's killing their babies or relatives children. My God if you don't want the responsibility of raising a child, and all that it intails, get yourself sterilized, or put the baby up for adoption. Their are many childless couples who would love to give a child a loving home.

  • Suzanne

    A two year old child an this article staes there was a " confrontation between the father and child ??!! Tell me how a two yr old confronts a man who was the idiot who wrote that
    This Was an innocent 2 yr. old little boy fragile playful excited,,,,our grandson is two yrs old OMG. HOW SICK IS THIS GUY THATACT IS AND WAS DEMONIC JUST DEMONIC
    THIS LITTLE ANGEL IS IN THE HANDS AND EMBRACE OF GOD NOW AND MY HIS " KILLER" go straight back to his maker …. satan

  • Nate

    Like I’ve said before kill these mother FErs just like they wanna kill people!! They don’t deserve to live and think about anything behind bars!! Who wants to here him say I’m sorry or I didn’t mean to do that. I don’t care if your crazy or psycho just wipe him off of this planet. No visitations, food, shower, sleep, lawyer. U wanna kill u deserved to be killed point blank.

  • larry

    the devil made him do it, hes incharge here on earth for now,till jesus comes back, then 1000 years years of peace,for the true belivers of jesus. we will pray for both of them and our world, god please come back and put things right, ,god bless

  • DeeDee75

    It seems to me as though the human race is defecting. Most animals have the natural instinct to protect their young, and here we are (supposedly the smartest) killing ours everyday. Brothers and sisters, I don't know what this world is coming to.

  • william

    Send him back to Alabama. They have a much swifter and much more economic way to administer justice this POS.

  • Debbie

    I'm sure this little boy has been suffering from abuse for his 2 years of life. He is now safe from harm. Shame on the rest of the family for not protecting this child from this monster! I hope he is sentenced to death for this horrific crime so he will no longer be able to harm anyone again.

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