Noblesville woman turns husband in to police after finding photos on computer

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A Noblesville man is accused of hiding a camera inside a children’s bathroom.

Justin Briggs is accused of taping a 15-year old girl.

Briggs’ wife actually found the pictures and video on his work computer and turned it over to Noblesville Police.

Briggs is now in federal custody.


  • Pat Brown

    Must have been hard for the wife to do that but a great moral victory for her and us. If more people would do that life would be better. Most people think they will never get caught that is why they do that kind of stuff.

  • Shanna Sears

    WTG!!!! Everyone knows right from wrong! No matter who the person is or how much you may love them. They are wrong and they need help. I would have done the same!

  • stacy

    all she is is a scorned wife he was leaving her for another women and he had the camras up because her 15 lil girl was posably touching his 6 yr old ….daughter that is why the camra was up he works out of town and is never there to moniter what hapens ……she knew about the camra even thretened to get a divorce ……..he was leaving her and she got pisted off …im shure we will see her on one of thoes murder shows were the wife screwed him over …..but get your guyses facts rite befor you post lies or wait till he gets his day in court!

      • Annon

        Actually, I'm the women and I was disgusted, infuriated, shocked, and embarrassed when I found out. He called me from jail and I lost it on him. I don't want and have nothing to do with him. He is one of the last people you would have thought would do something like that. I am now mentally screwed up because of it, and although his wife isn't perfect and I'm not her biggest fan, I can only imagine what she's going through and I feel for her and the girl along with his children. The only thing I know is false is they did not try to reconcile the marriage, she didn't have to reinstate the divorce he proposed because it was never stopped. but when it comes to children, their is no other side of the story and he deserves to be where he's at.

    • ConcernedForHumanity

      Who are you trying to protect here? Read the black and white print ,assuming you know how to read. Can’t tell by your literary skills shown in this unjustified comment. The videos show his face moving the camera, for the love of God. He admitted to being a monster in the texts. Can’t you see all your doing is adding to the amount of ignorance on display here?

    • ConcernedForHumanity

      Also, incase you haven’t noticed, the name above, who has been convicted for the crime of filming a child showering, is Justin Briggs. Nobody but him knew about the videos. Quit trying to defend the pervert. He is the one in the wrong. He is the one who ruined a poor little 15 year old girls life. He’s the reason she can’t go a day without someone mentioning the horrible, sick, situation that she had no way of avoiding. His damn little girl he was supposedly trying to monitor isn’t in any of the videos. None of them show her. It’s just the girl. No one else. His wife also isn’t scorned. She was loyal and took care of his kids while he was gone everyday. I honestly don’t understand how you could take the side of such a sick and twisted criminal. What if it was your daughter? Think about that.

  • John762

    I wonder what the chances are that the woman set up the camera and downloaded the pics/video onto her husbands computer in order to ruin his life? Sounds like there might be a possibility of this…

  • Ashley sutton

    Just remember that there are always 3 sides to every story…his, hers and the truth. Please remember that there are children involved so people should be a little more respectful. I can assure you that there is more to this story and highly doubt she deserves mother of the year.

  • crystal

    To the comment about him doing this to watch and make sure nothing was happening to his own daughter. You can try to justify all you want but if that was true why did he make pictures from the videos??? Justin is a sick sick person did this to get his kicks nothing more. Accept the fact he was wrong and deserves years in prison!!!!! Honestly you can’t be any better of a person to justify this happening.

  • crystal

    Did noone read the text messages he sent her??? Those were from the police report. While he was sending them the police had her phone. Telling his wife he was sick, asking her not to go to the police???

  • crystal

    The divorce had been stopped because he wanted to work things out. She was raising his kids while he was out of town. If he was concerned about his kids he should have been closer to home. He is not the victim here.

  • jackie thorne

    What is wrong with this world today? And what can we do as citizens to help find and put a stop to the people that are hurting all of our innocent children. Most of the people that get to these kids do it in such a way that they don’t know to tell anyone that it is wrong. Or they are taught at such an early age by someone they trust. The others are to afraid to tell. What can we do to save our children? That is what we need to be asking? And we need to be finding out how pretty quick for their sake!

  • anonymous

    You are right.. the victim here is these kids are including his maybe people need to think more about everyone involved not just their selves….meaning little eyes might see the news.

  • bcp

    john 762 if that was the case why do they have him in the video adjusting the camera. she doesnt doesnt know everything they have on tape. and she cant spell either

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