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Police find gun and cocaine in car after pursuit, crash

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INDIANAPOLIS — A police pursuit ends in a crash on the city’s east side.

Lawrence Police Captain Cathy Troutt told Fox59 officers attempted to stop a white Cadillac for a minor violation in the 4400 block of Shadeland Avenue around 12:40 a.m. Thursday.

Police said the vehicle stopped, but then took off south on Shadeland.

Officers pursued the Cadillac south on Shadeland, southwest on Pendleton Pike then south on Ritter Avenue before the vehicle collided with a red Pontiac Grand Am at the intersection of East 30th Street.

The driver of the Cadillac suffered minor injuries and medics transported the suspect to Wishard Hospital. Two passengers riding inside the Cadillac were not injured.

Two occupants traveling in the Grand Am suffered minor injuries and also received treatment at Wishard Hospital.

Following the accident, police found cocaine and a gun in the Cadillac.

The driver of the Cadillac was placed into custody with the preliminary charges of resisting law enforcement, resisting arrest, possession of cocaine and possession of a handgun. Lawrence Police also said the driver had a suspended license.


  • Stephanie

    What was the cause of this chase? Was it really that deep to put innocent people’s life’s in danger? Someone was involved in an accident over this, hopefully the innocent car didn’t have injuries. So sad. That police will get involved into a high speed chase, yet they keep seeming to over look reported child abuse.

    • RedStateVet

      You are a pinhead. Drug possession, illegal weapons, unlicensed- and you don't want the people to arrest people like?

      1. Engage Police in a pursuit- mandatory 1 year minimum
      2. Engage Police in a pursuit resulting an injury to ANY party- 10 Year Minimum (that would be applicable in this case)
      3. Engage Police in pursuit resulting in death- Life in prison without the possibility of parole.

      The solution is not get all touchy-feelly with jerks, but to come down with the hammer. It's all they understand.

    • William

      Really? Do you in all seriousness think that the police are required to be all things to all people and all places??
      What's sad is that you truly think you have written a well thought out "jab" at the police. Now sit back a think about the implications of a punk thug with drugs,weapons, no insurance, unlicensed and fleeing with abandon.
      I suspect after looking at all this your concern for the innocent people already in this scum's wake matter as well. Perhaps not. Your disdain for law enforcement my be too ingrained.
      Thank you officers for your efforts.

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