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Police identify woman found shot, lying in Marion road

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MARION – Police have identified a woman found lying in a Marion street after being fatally shot in the head.

Homicide detectives found Megan Elaine Chipman, 23, lying in the westbound lane of State Road 18 around 6:50 a.m. on Friday. They were responding to a report of shots fired in the vicinity of Hotel Marion on 501 E. 4th St.

Police said Chipman was taken to Marion General Hospital, where she died from her injuries.

Anyone with information about the case should call the Marion Police Department at (765) 662-9981 and ask for Detective Captain Jay Kay.


  • Guest

    I am just wondering, do you ever have any good news to share? Some feel good stories? All I have seen today is police chases, murders, etc. We all know these events are happening, and the media is trying to "cash" in on all the firearm talk of late. Quit spinning all of this bad stuff and tell us what good is happening in the world! Not saying these stories aren't important as they are, but we all need a balance of good and bad news! Thank you!

    • Emily Cruz

      if it was ur family or friend that jut got mudered, raped, kidnapped etc, you would ask the news/police whoever for their help. I know the victim she is a family friend. So im glad they posted it because her killer was runninng and was loose. Thank you God for finding him. I do agree with you though on postive stories.

  • anonymus

    I just can’t believe what is happening in our world!! Wake up people! Is it the way to handle a problem by killing someone?!!! These kinds of things probably make people question their faith!!! The devil walks amoung us!! Its time to pray!!!!!!!!!May God be with all those involved!! And by the way……its not the guns that neccessarily kill people….ITS PEOPLE THAT KILL PEOPLE!!!

    • emily cruz

      it was her ex boyfriend and he has been stocking her for months and it is scary how one person can alter ur whole life

  • hope

    This is the 3rd shooting I've heard about today. The 1st one was in my old neighborhood. Man found laying on the ground, shot. What is the world comming to?

  • Dillion

    My personal opinion…If our economy wasn't the way it is, people wouldn't have the need to resort to selling drugs, robbing or killing people to make money. I mean that kind of stuff will always be around…but there is probably a gang affiliation/gang war with a lot of these homicides, not all probably just the majority. All these victims have families-so lets not forget to have sympathy or empathy. Prayers to this woman's family.

  • george washington

    I read a story today where a guy was chasing a woman with a cattle prod and a store clerk used his 2nd right and stopped him. Nobody was injured 🙂

  • Josh

    I worked with megan at Dollar General DC and you couldnt have asked for a nicer co-worker. She always carried a smile on her face that would always brighten your day no matter how bad the day was going or had been. RIP Megan you will truly be missed. Deepest sympathy to her family. And prayers going out to her family for help to get through this tragedy

  • Lisa

    I don't understand why everyone can't for once stop thinking they know a reason why she was shot and killed, from the economy to gangs and offer condolences to the family of this beautiful woman that's life was cut way to short. May her family and friends all find some sort of peace in the trying days to come as they will eventually have to finally say goodbye to a very special love one,god bless

  • Class of 08

    Megans passing was not caused by drugs, gangs, etc. It wasn't the fault of a gun. It was the fault of a deranged stalking ex. Megan was an exceptional person that, for a short time, fell for the wrong man. For years she has been stalked, harassed, etc. She did try to do the right thing and get restraining orders, to no avail. Our justice system once again failed someone who needed them. Her family and friends need all of the prayers they can get, especially since her name was released by this site BEFORE all of her family and friends could be notified. I hope the people who jump on the news bandwagon and spread all of this never have to be in the position of reading about their own family or friend before someone can tell them personally. What a thing this social media is……. a broken heart for a person who has left this world too soon becomes compounded because people cannot wait to be the first to report…….. Rest Easy Megan

    • L

      This has really put our small community on edge. Death is never an easy thing but there was no reason for this. Our poor justice system didn’t see it “fit” to give her the protection she needed. And now it’s too late. Rip Megan, continue to smile down on all of us, including your family in this hard time.

    • OZELLE


  • aimee

    when people are out still from the night before at that time of morning, hanging around hotels and what not they are usually up to no good themselves, and you can expect these types of things may happen to you. not that it's right, but it's true. say what you want, i really dont care. but, i know what im saying is right. if she was at home where she should have been, it would not have happened . hang around losers, bad things come your way. rest in peace, and God bless her and her loved ones.

    • Class of 08

      Wow , you really are someone who would judge with no fact rights ? She wasn't AT the hotel : he abducted her from her HOME . See what happens when rejects believe what disreputable media reports/ or when they make up what they don't know and try to sound smart? you, Aimee, are pathetic. Megan was leaving for work and he abducted her from her HOME. so yes, it would have happened ! it DID happen ……… I pray some day you know a fifth of the pain all those who know the real story feel. You make me sick. Speculate and show your intelligence which is none………

    • emily cruz

      she was home dumbass he kidnapped her and freakin killed her. Know the facts then open ur dumbass mouth. Oh yea get a heart too.

    • kyle

      ok asshole this is my family ur talking about u better stop we are all tired of here the comment like u are putting

  • paul765

    my paryers go out to this poor young womans family, and her true friends! i live in hartford, i did not know her…but i do know ppl who did know her, and all those ppl had nothing bad to say about the girl. its sad when ppl judge a person who was stalked and murdered over a person who obvisously didnt need to be on the streets in the first place! take heed and reconise this effects the whole community where she was from. my thoughts and prayers go out to all who knew this beautiful soul! if the police and justice system woudlve done done their jobs she may still be here on this earth!!!! -1 love-

  • kyle

    i may have not know her like some of my family but she was still family kinda distant but its not fair in any way shape or form and if it was me id have hes ass the coward torchered and its not fair to any of us that knew her or that have personal experances

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