East side residents clash with police at neighborhood meeting

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At a gym on the East side Saturday, neighbors in Brookside Park came together and sounded off at police.

“I want my house protected. What have (you) been waiting for, for me or my children to be dead, to be killed?” one neighbor said.

“This is just a little frustrating, the problem is I don’t feel that anything’s gonna come of it,” another neighbor said.

Residents organized the meeting after months of increased crime, in particular break-ins and burglaries.

“When it became so frequent, it just became maddening,” resident Dave Kathan said.

Kathan’s home was broken into five times in just two months. He even caught one suspect on camera, rifling through his living room.

“I just want these people out of my neighborhood,” Kathan said.

IMPD officers and officials with the prosecutor’s office went to the meeting, providing neighbors with information to help them. They also encouraged neighbors to step forward and call police anytime they saw suspicious activity.

“We’ve directed extra patrol as well as additional investigative resources,” IMPD Commander Jim Waters said.

Still, many neighbors said they’d taken security seriously and still seen crime rise. They’re hoping to take some matters into their own hands to take back their neighborhood.

“I don’t want to move,” Kathan said.


  • guest

    I believe if someone forcefully enters your home. Use a gun or some sort of other weapon, you are allowed to protect yourself/family.

  • guest65

    Why must news articles always make it sound like some kind of fight or riot happened? Is that really the only way to get people to read your articles?

    • guest

      Lets just say if it was'nt for the news the police would'nt even be looking for this man. The man got robbed five times for gods sake and they never even showed the intruders picture. Four months the community has been being robbed. I thinks its time SOMEONE puts it out there. SOMEONE needs to step up and take responsibility for whats happening to the EASTSIDE COMMUNITY. HELLO LIKE MAYOR BALLARD!!!!!!!!!!! WHY IS IT EVERY OTHER HOUSE OVER HERE IS BOARDED UP?????? WHY DON"T THEY KNOCKED THEM ALL DOWN THEN THERE WON"T BE A PLACE FOR THE FUGITIVES TO HIDE!!!!!!! IT"S TIME SOMEONE TAKES ACTION


    I agree, buy a gun and kill the intruder/s. Sooner or later, all the crooks will either die or they will realize they will get killed if they continue to break in your house. And when you see one in your home, shoot first ask questions later.

  • east sider

    Are police force is designed to be reactionary, I believe not all but most of IMPD officers would help the thieves load your belongings into their car until they were actually dispatched that it was a robbery. We have way to many lazy and young officers on the streets. I have seen many times when law abiding citizens are angry or upset that police show up and through gas on the fire and make things worse instead of help the situation.

      • guest


  • patti

    Good luck! IMPD has a tendency to arrest people who defend themselves and his or her property! I know because it happened to me right before Christmas!!!!!!!

  • 'Thor'

    Again the low-informed know so little, so here is a head's up. In a Supreme Court ruling in 2005 the Court determined that the police are not constitutionally bound to protect the public. The reason the police carry guns is to protect themselves, period. YOU are the one that is responsible for YOUR own protection.

  • Patrick

    It was a big mistake to get rid of the Marion County Sheriffs Dept, I have had IMP out at the apt. complex I work at many many times and I swear they don't want to do anything. MCSD always helped and took pride in helping people.

    • 'Thor'

      The merger has also cost the city MORE money instead of saving money as promised. I'm beginning to think that the DemocRATS are a terrorist organization and should be labeled as such.

  • MeatPlow

    Thor is right, they are an organization for the destruction of America and our freedoms. Slowly eating away at the foundation of this country like carpenter ants. Skillfully waging political war on common sense passing out promises to uninformed voters, and running up a huge bill while doing it. If they aren't stopped you won't be allowed to defend your home and property because either you won't be able to afford the property, or guns will have become illegal.
    so while I'm off topic the f'n 49rs are winning and the Pack can't do jack, and this rain is BS it should be snowing

  • Alisha

    The same exact thing has been happening recently in my neighborhood in houses broken into car vandalized severally and things stolen out of. We know of who is doing some to most of these things even have video evidence and the police wont do a gd thing. I feel terrorized and its getting out of control when is enough enough for them. Im in Summerfield housing community on the west side thought we were in such a nice neighborhood when we bought the house back in 2011 now recently in the past 6 months its been getting worse and worse and im ready to take extreme measures on my part to stop this.

  • jan lenkensdofer

    Note to Thor. The Democrats have nothing to do with it you right wingnut. If it was up to the Republicants you are supposed to fight the perps off till your dying breath. Put your money where your mouth is. Shoot the bastards like your God tells you too.

    • 'Thor'

      I don't know what god you're talking about, unless it's the god of this world (Satan) But the God I serve says to love our neighbors and our enemies. He also gives me the right to defend my family and myself, a God given right that the government cannot take away.You got to admit that there is no common sense in the Democratic party today.

  • Brenda

    It is not a Democrat vs. Republican problem it is global bankers running the world and their plan thru U.N. Agenda 21 and Arms Treaty etc. is to disarm civilians, squeeze the ecomony (already in action) so there is no budget for police (but enough for their fake-o green initiatives), to CREATE blight (break-ins, poverty, destroyed neighborhoods) so there is more gun death to justify taking your firearms, and the property is bought up by developers (owned by them), pushing you into "projects" popping up all over the place as high density housing. Their plan is workng because all politicians and work for them and they have all the money. Check it out. Democrat vs. Republican is just a distraction like sports and working 3 jobs to keep up with the standard of living they sell us via TV.

    • guest

      Way off subject, but have you heard about the FEMA camp in Beechgrove? Wow! We're gonna have the terrorist right here in Indiana. Wonder who's getting paid for that one……….

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