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Peyton Manning loses first playoff game with Broncos

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DENVER – Those who debate the greatness of a signal callers in the history of the National Football League often talk about playoff records first.

When it comes to Peyton Manning, that often is a mixed bag.

He did what many quarterbacks in league history have failed to do-win a Super Bowl Championship. He did so by leading the Colts to a 4-0 mark in the 2006 NFL Playoffs including the win over the Bears in Super Bowl XLI.

At the same time, however, Manning had a number of strong Colts teams bow out early in the playoffs never realizing the potential that extraordinary regular seasons showed. It’s a reason that Manning’s overall playoff record was 9-10 while the quarterback in Indianapolis.

Even with a change of scenery this season the same question remains after a bizarre night of football at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver. Manning’s AFC top seeded Broncos-like many of his Colts’ teams-entered a home Divisional Playoff game as heavy favorites with the AFC Championship seeming a mere formality.

But it happened again.

Manning’s Broncos found themselves into a shootout with the normally defensive Ravens, who forced overtime on a late touchdown then capitalized the quarterback’s mistake to pull out a 38-35 double overtime win Saturday night.

With the defeat, Manning falls to two games under-.500 in the playoffs and 1-4 in home AFC Divisional Playoff games. His 290 yards and three touchdowns were overshadowed by two interceptions, the last of which came towards the end of the first overtime and led to Justin Tucker’s game-winning 47-yard field goal for Baltimore early in the second extra session.

“Very disappointing finish in the game. You can go through lots of plays certainly offensively, we’d like to have back, I’d like to have back,” said Manning. “Certainly did a lot of good things this season but it’s hard to think of anything else besides this loss tonight.”





  • Vikingsfan

    Peyton lost this game by taking a knee and then by throwing the interceprion. Then he declines a post game interview. NO WAY HE DESERVES MVP. Adrian Peterson for both MVP and CPOY. Manning sucks,

  • Amanda

    Peyton and the broncos did awesome!!!!! Maybe the nfl needs to find NEW OFFICALS!!!:-(. They did a terrible job and cost the broncos the game…. Period!!!!!

    • Ken

      Face it..Peyton is a great regular season QB and puts up great numbers then the big comes and he folds..Now 9 wins..11 losses..He, unlike Eli< is not a big gsame QB..Losers always scream about the refs..

      • Rory

        When will people learn that Peyton Manning is not a great QB? Sure he puts up gaudy regular season numbers, but he is a massive choke artist that always blows it in big games. The only reason he has a ring is because his defense was on fire that year. There is a reason why clutch QBs like Montana and Brady have multiple SB rings: They are at their best when things are at their worst.

    • Rick

      Amanda, I know your upset, but face it. as bad as the officials were. ( and they were TERRIBLE with a capital T) they STILL didn't cost Denver the game. 30 seconds left up by 7 other team has the ball on it's OWN 30!! NO TIME OUTS left!! and you let a guy get BEHIND you for a 70 yard touchdown???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? PLUS!! an interception in OT? TERRIBLE throw! PLUS!! you say Peyton Manning is so great, you have the ball on the 20 31 seconds left TWO time outs in your pocket and Peyton Manning at QB, and you… TAKE A KNEE??? SERIOUSLY? you take a KNEE?? at HOME!!! Come on Amanda, bad as the officials were, the Bronco's can NOT blame anyone but themselves. THAT is why comparing Peyton Manning to Tom Brady is ridiculous! the difference is, In a playoff game in OVERTIME, Tom Brady does NOT throw that pick. PERIOD!

  • Ceej

    Payton did a great job. But what about his teammate who missed the field goal? If not for him,
    the Broncos would've won by 3. And in regulation game time. ;-(

    And you're right, Amanda: the refs were terrible. I don't mind "my" team losing fairly, but I hate
    when refs help to decide a game's outcome.

  • Gilbert

    In the playoffs: TEBOW: One and one Manning: ZERO wins and ONE LOSS!!!!! BRING BACK TEBOW AFTER JOHN ELWAY APOLOGIZES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gilbert

    I wonder how that back-stabbing John Elway is gonna sleep tonight? Remember when he said: "Tim is gonna be our quarterback for a long time".

  • Gilbert

    Hey, John Elway; You helped to mess up Tim's career and now Peyton has messed up yours! Remember when you said: "Tim is gonna be our quarterback for a long time"? Shame on you! Please have a restless night, maybe tomorrow you will apologize to Tim. But I doubt it because it takes a MAN to admit you were wrong!!

  • MeatPlow

    Peyton is just about done. His arm was getting weaker in the 4th, and the OT's. Granted that's a long game to throw. He's got one more season in him. Then all the Elway comments will come true 10 fold.

  • Tyrone shoe laces

    The refs :(. The refs:( the refs:( the refs:( the refs took a knee with 30 seconds and two time outs. The refs threw a pick 6. The refs threw the pass that choked away the game. Busy night for zebras.

      • Shiv

        When will people learn that Peyton Manning is not a great QB? Sure he puts up gaudy regular season numbers, but he is a massive choke artist that always blows it in big games. The only reason he has a ring is because his defense was on fire that year. There is a reason why clutch QBs like Montana and Brady have multiple SB rings: They are at their best when things are at their worst.

  • Tyrone shoe laces

    For all you Tebow freaks. Time to find a cable system that carries Canadian football. There isn't an NFL team out there that can realistically hand that guy the ball. If Jacksonville doesn't want you!!!! Wow that is terrible.

  • RedStateVet

    Well, one debate is settled. Brady > Peyton. I don't care how well you play in the regular season- 9-11 playoff record, with 8 One & Dones.

    • Shiv

      Absolutely no argument there. Brady is by far the best QB of this generation. He's second only to Montana all time. If he wins one more SB you could argue that he is the best all time. If he wins 2 or more before he's done there will be no argument.

    • Jerry

      It sure does matter how well you play in the reg. season, that is why Jacksonville is waiting on the first draft pick.

  • Don't Know

    Stop the Peyton bashing…….yes he made a mistake on that throw and it ended up costing them the game don't you think Peyton knows that don't you think Peyton wishes he could do it over or that he is upset more then any of us for the loss. Give the guy a break. He did well for his first year for the Bronco's. Next year is just around the corner.

    • Shiv

      Why would we stop the Peyton bashing? It's his fault they lost.

      Newsflash: Whenever a Quarterback's last touch of the game results is an interception the loss is his fault.

      Manning is a panicky duck-thrower, just like Favre, when in clutch moments.

  • sundeck270

    The game looked like Indianapolis all over again. The last 3 years in Indy Manning was interception prone especially at critical times. Look at the Superbowl against New Orleans, how did the Colts lose? Interception at a critical time.

    • Jerry

      You are so right looked just like Indy I live in Indiana and am a hugh colts fan, and was so tired of year after year, watching Manning bust his Butt for the team and the community what a great guy, then see the worst defense in the league and usually the worst running game let us down again, then you remember the game 7 yrs. ago when Pittsburgh fumbled and the best pct. kicker in the history of the NFL missed a Gimme at home, how do you think Manning feels knowing he has to play perfect every game or they loose. look at this playoff game who in Denver would think they would score 38 pts. against that defense, you think Manning ever thinks of the song if it weren't for bad luck I would have no luck at all.

  • oliver

    The Defense was horrible and so was the coaching for giving up the ball to Baltimore with no timeouts and all they had to do was prevent the deep ball..

  • Logan Berry

    I did get caught up in the excitement last year of Tebow's comeback wins and I was disappointed when they cut him loose. I knew Manning was a big gamble and on his last legs. Seems to me the Colts would've kept him if he had waived that outrageous bonus he was about to get after not playing for a year. So he comes to Denver and lands a 95million contract. Maybe he's all about the money. Oh, I'm sure he 'wants' to win but can he? He only managed to win one SB in all those years, in his prime, with a team built around him. As it turns out, a man who was the spiritual leader of the Ravens won the game.

  • HutHut Papa Bear

    Hopefully, it's the END of that awful car commercial where Peyton says, "PaPa Bear, Hut Hut". Gosh, what a stupid conversation! And, NO WAY Manning drives a Buick. Ha! Get off the air. Downside is, we have to keep hearing about Ray Lewis, who is not in jail.

  • Jerry

    What I get tired of hearing is the comparision between Manning and Brady, If any team in the league had an owner that would spend illigal money, a coach that would have someone filming the other teams final preparation before games,most of us could go out and quarterback in that situation if we know what defense they are going to run very easy to win. Just check the internet and see how much the fined the Pats. and big bad Bill for the wrong doings.

    • Rick

      Jerry, jealousy is an UGLY thing. please get your facts strait. yes check the internet to see how much the Pats got fined THEN check to see WHAT they got fined FOR!! Mr potato head, Mr POTATO HEAD!! Filming the other team is NOT illegal and it's NOT what the fine was for. It was for having an unauthorized camera on the sidelines, it was about film RIGHTS and the NFL'S insistence on controlling them . NOT about WHAT was being filmed! you could film the SAME thing from the first row and NO ONE would say a THING! DUH. Stealing signals is a time honored tradition and it's NOT against the rules!! However!! let's just say (just for the sake of argument that your assessment is correct and PRIOR to so called "spygate" they were cheating. IF you believe that, then you MUST believe that SINCE then after being fined that the Pats have NOT been doing it. SO how then to explain that SINCE that year 2007, the team with the most wins in the NFL form 2007 to BNOW is …… The New England Patriots. Explain THAT wise guy!!!

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