Suspect Arrested in Marion homicide

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The Marion police department has made an arrest in the shooting death of 23-year-old Megan Elaine Chipman.

27-year-old Zachary Allen Thien was arrested early Saturday morning in a Walmart parking lot in Westchester, OH. He has been charged with murder.

Thien is accused of shooting Chipman near the Hotel Marion on 4th Street. Chipman was found lying in the street after being shot in the head. She died at an area hospital.


  • kayla

    thats my brother ppl.. he YAL dont even kno if he truely did it!!! n I DONT think my brother did it.. !!!!!!!! he is kind sweet caring n most wonderful guy ever he would never harm ANYONE.. he DONT need death penalty idots.. RESPECT? DONT JUDGE!!!! get yalls facts straight .. im sorry for the families loss but dont dis on my brother… yu think yu guys kno but yal dont kno the true story tooo it!!!! LET MY BUBBY GO FREEE HE INNOCENT!!!!

    • Anonymous

      HE was in HER car. HE used HER debit card a few hours after she was found dead in the road. HE was found IN HER CAR in OHIO. HIS car was in the alley next to HER house!! It isn’t going to take much to prove that he’s guilty in a court of law! Zachary Thien wasn’t just chosen at random. For whatever reason, he snapped. Deny it all you want, but saying what half of you are saying is nothing but hurtful to those of us that have lost Megan at the hands of this man.
      And just for the record…being someone that has known Megan since birth… If she ever laid a hand on him, it was because he was hitting her first. You should be ashamed of yourselves for starting rumors at a time like this. It’s sickening!

      • family friend

        he has been stalking her for what 2 years I believe???? He did this and I hope they put him to death for what he has put megans family through! you wuill hear ALL the truth in court so get out of your smurfville world!

    • Shanna V

      I have hung out with your brother quite a few times and he is very nice RESPECTFUL, and hes so funny, if it wasnt for your brother i would not have my license because he let me drive his car so i could get my license. He's always been there for me when i needed someone to talk to, and when i needed someone he was there, hes very fun to be around! Prayers out to both families. Hope things get better*

  • Teresa

    Zac is the kindest gentle loving caring person you could ever know. I also had the pleasure of knowing megan because of zac. I lhear most of these comments of people that know nothing about the history of their relationship or the other people involved here. Zac is the father of my granddaughter and I have known him over9 years and he is a good person. Something horrible happened and I feel it has to do with medication he hsd recently started taking. This is not the young man I have known and grown to love and will support him through this. To the family of megan on behalf of zacs family and friends we are so sorry and are feeling your pain with you. You have suffered a great loss and we too are trying to grasp what and why this happened as this is not our zacs behavior something had triggered this and has forever changed our lives. I pray for God to comfort your family . Megan was a beautiful girl with a captivatiing smile and zac never in his right mind would have brought harm to her.. Please give our families the respect and privacy as we try to grasp the reality of what has happened.

    • Ronnie

      Thank you Teresa. No matter how I Look at this I still can't wrap my Mind around it. Zac has always been respectful, polite and reserved. All we can do is turn our heads high and pray for both families.

  • alina

    Stop talkin shit bout ma brother u guys dont kno shit bout him u dont kno if he really did it so plz respect both side of family n drop de bullshit n keep it to ur self his side of family reads wat yal sayin yes he made a mistake noone can change wat happened its life so deal wit it n yes i am goin to stick up for him he is blood n ma brother ma love one n it hurts n shockin of wats goin on bt ma brother not like dis he does respect n carin n wounderful brother n father he means so much to me n de rest of de family we r srry if wat happened n wish dis never happened n want out love one back bt its life everyone make mistakes so get over it n stop judge only god can n control everything u have to forgive n forget n let god n de law deal wit it if u got a problem wat i say o well get over it god would want u too stuff happens for a reason i love ma brother n i kno he not like dis n he had to be on sumthing like wat dat girl said i believe w/e ma brother say i feel bad bout her n wat her famil goin throw n mine n i will pray for both side so plz respect n stop talkin shit bout him u dont kno de whole story so keep ur mouth shut plz i love ma brother wit all ma heart n ma niece n u guys shouldnt bring a lil kid in dis she love n miss her dad n dont kno wat goin on so stoo actin like a fool n grow de hell up n respect both side i kno it may hurt cuz u lost a wonderful women bt u cant bring her back n i kno she would want u to forgive wat happened n want justice bt plz stop bein childish w/e happens happens no one can do anything its god n de law choices of wat they want to do i love ma brother n believe wat he says if he did or didnt do i will always love him he will always be apart of ma life no matter wat happens so plz let him go … N plz do us a favor n stop talkin shit n let them deal wit wats goin on n keep ur comments to ur self for de respect of both family n if u can’t do dat then karma will get u all like i said everyone makes mistakes its life so get over it plz noone can change anything sp plz stop n u guys would stick up for ur blood if dis ws him or her k n u would be saying de same shit n sticking up for them so plz stop n forgive n forget let w/e happens happens i am sticking up for ma blood ma big brother dat i love n care bout so do us a favor n stop … Dats all i am askin for i love u zackary Allen thien

    • steve

      so if i kill this piece of shit throw him out in the street like mc donalds trash u gonna forgive me i think not wont miss a day of this fuckin dirt bags sentencing and death penalty aint good enough would love to put the fear into this little bastard that he put into megan if your gonna pray for anything pray he doesnt get a release date or you will be putting him in the ground and shedding the tears my family has been dont like what i say im not hard to find

    • heyyy :)

      Wow. Do you guys not think his family is reading this too? I mean they have a lot to deal with also. Anyone who knows zach knows he was a good person who NEVER would have done something like this in his right mind. Me or noone else knows the whole story of what happened. Or even why it happened. So stop judging him. Even if he did do it doesn’t mean he should also die. I’m sure he’s living with a lot of regrets right now & that is by far worst then him dying!! So until he speak up on what truly happened. A lot of you NOBODIES should stay off the media & stop tryin to make him look like such a bad person!! Love u zachh 🙂

      • EDB

        Poor, poor Zach, the victim in all of this. According to his family and friends, it was all Megans fault. What a bunch of selfish dip shits.

      • HELLO??

        he has been stalking her for 2 years! are you saying that he hasn't been in his right mind for that long? If so why didn'y any of you get him help?

  • alina

    N thanks for de ppl dat r leavin good comments bout ma brother thanks n i am really srry bout ur guys lost we both in pain … Srry bout de un miss spell words i am usin touch screen tho bt anyways plz stop n keep de comments to ur self thanks

    • JCJ

      First of all you can visit your precious Zack in prison, or write letters…Megan's family has to visit their daughter at the cemetary..His friends and family need to quit acting like Zack is the victim and they are victims and STOP making excuses for him!! Thats what is wrong with this country! People always have an exucse," the meds made me do it, I was abused as a child etc"…Yes I personally know Zack, I used to work with him..He may be a nice guy, but I never believed much of what he said, he was full of crap..I also was in shock when I heard what happened, I would of never thought of Zack as a murderer, but people are capable of the unthinkable….Last thing, touch screen or not you really need to learn how to write/spell if you want anyone to take you seriously..Your spelling and the way you wrote makes you sound like an ignorant thug.

  • Dan

    After reading some of these comments, I have to leave one myself.. Are you people seriously retarded? This guy obviously did it.

    1) He RAN from the scene of the crime, city, and state. He was in her car, using her debit card, after her murder. It’s there. Black and white, plain as day.

    2) He’s obviously a user of some kind. Look at his photo. $100 says he’s a meth user. He looks like it.

    3) All you “friends” who say, “Oh, there’s no way he could have done it, I’ve known him for X number if years.” Refer to number 1.

    4) All you people who bring your religion into it, saying god will take care if him, and give him what he deserves, where was your god when this girl was shot twice in the head and in the chest, then tossed out if the vehicle like garbage? Answer: because there is no such thing. It’s some fantasy fairy tale to help scared little people sleep at night. Grow a pair and work things out on your own.

    5) To the “brother” of the criminal, who just recently posted. Learn to spell please. Trying to read your post gave me a migraine. If you can’t use proper spelling, and proper use of the English language, please don’t speak. You sound like a retarded monkey.

    6) To the family of the victim: I am truley sorry for your loss, and I hope the COURT system gives him what he deserves, and swiftly.

    • anita

      dan there is a god believe it or not, Im not sticking up for zach and what hes done Im just saying there is a god and everthing happens for some odd reason and only god knows why everything else you posted I agree with

    • Edward53

      Dan, I agree with you on everything you said except on the part that there is no real God. But I have to respect you on your beliefs. And to the people on here that don't like our comments: We live in this community just like you do and it's our right as Americans and residents of Grant County to speak our mind, no matter what.

  • Dan

    If he was such a good parent, he wouldn’t have done something like this, and put his children through this. They will now know their father as only a cowardly murdered.

  • barb

    Today a family will send their daughter to heaven. Evil has reared its head upon this family, and left them devastated. Pray for these folks as they endure this senseless act of violence that leaves a hole in their lives. May God show his mercy and love to you at this time of need, and fill your lives with the joy of Megan’s memory.As for all supporting Zach through this horrible situation, how would you feel if it is your burden to bury one of his daughters at the hand of some evil, vindictive man?!

    • Edward53

      Well stated, barb. Zach's family and friends are trying to make it out like he is the victim in all of this. My condolences go out to the real victim (Megan) and her family. May she rest in peace and may he (Zach) rot in a burning, maggot infested hell.

  • ugh!

    I'm assuming most of you who are calling for the death penalty and prison rape are "Christians"? Who are you to condemn?
    As someone who actually knew Zach, I have a pretty good idea of what went on that isn't being boasted about in the news. Though nothing is an excuse for murder, you must know that no party was innocent. There was abuse from her side as well. I am NOT saying that that is anywhere in comparison for him to take her life. I know the trials that he had to go through. I know what emotional and physical abuse he endured multiple times. You can only take punches so long before you can't take it anymore but instead of walking away like he should have done, he took it to a whole other level. I am ashamed and shocked by this.

    Please respect the fact that daughters are losing their father just as well as Megan's family is losing her. No child deserves to hear or read about this, even if their father did something horrible and unforgivable. They are grieving too folks.

    • disgusted

      Well as for that crap UGH! those are nothing but lies, she did not want anything to do with him and was very clear to him about that and as for the so called abuse, it happened in self defense because he would not leave her alone!!!!!! 2 years she endured his stalking!!!! may he rot in hell! and if all you so called friends of zac would have got him the help you have all obviously stated that he needed because he would not have done thius in his right mind,then Megan bless her heart would still be alive! he has been doing things to her for at least 2 years!!! so your saying he was not in his right mind for 2 years right? you should have got him help! or could it be he was right enough to be hiding his actions from you? thats what I believe, and now he is going to claim he didn't know what happened? BS He took a life and he should pay with his!! PATHETIC

  • Kris

    I personally know both people involved in this and I feel sorry for both…Zac has needed help for a long time.

  • breanne

    Are people not innocent until proven guilty in this country anymore? Did I miss something and they are going to lynch him with no trial? Looking at the evidence he is probably guilty but all of the survivors deserve respect. I have worked in the legal system and have personally helped get 17 innocent people off death row who were wrongfully convicted due to several reasons.

    I am not saying he is not a killer. I am not saying if he is found guilty that he should not get the death penalty. I am saying that you should really have some tiny bit of respect for his family because this is tragic for them too. And again, lets have a trial shall we? I want the person who did this brought to justice too. That beautiful and innocent girl should see justice.

    • Anonymous

      As a close family member of the victim, I find it impossible to have the tiniest bit of sympathy for her murderer. I feel for his family, I know it can’t be an easy thing to accept, but I don’t think he even deserves a trial. I hate the fact that her sister, father and mother has to look at his face. I wish he’d just put a bullet in his own head instead of taking the life of such an amazing girl.
      If you have had as much experience in law as you are saying you have, then you will know that he’ll no doubt walk in 15 years for “good behavior”. A man that put a shotgun in a friends mouth and pulled the trigger back in 98′ just walked this year for “good behavior”. That isn’t justice at all. That’s disgusting! If you snatch the life away from another person, you shouldn’t be allowed to have a life yourself! EVER!!

  • MisC

    A woman put her hands on a man and gets murdered? Some of you think thats justified? Maybe this young lady had to fight for herself– Everyone acts like they know whats going on but seriously– Noone knows what goes on behind closed doors! Stop disrespecting this young lady saying she shouldnt put her hands on him when 99.9% of ya'll don't even know the truth– Truth is– only her and this douche bag know— You are never going to get the truth!

    As for Zach— Prison will handle him— and he too will be judged for what he has done— No sympathy for this POS monster– If he had nothing to hide he wouldn't have ran!

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