Delaware County bridges feel wrath of flooding

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DELAWARE COUNTY – Six bridges are closed in Delaware County after heavy rain swept through the area.

The roads are 1270 N and 1275 N, Gregory Road east of CR 450 E, W of Elm Street in Albany, Stone Rd. north of Edgewater Road, Priestford Frd. south of the river, CR 300 S/east of CR 900 W, and Whitney Road.

Delaware County Emergency Management Director Jason Rogers said an engineer will inspect each bridge before it is reopened. He said crews had to make sure debris didn’t damage the bridges and that there was no washout.

“It’s not the worst flooding we’ve ever seen, but the seriousness of it is still there,” Rogers said.

Rogers anticipates the bridges will reopen on Tuesday. Water has started to recede.

“I’m glad it’s going down. (I) don’t want it going back up,” said Charles Murphy, a resident who lives across from Albany Town Park. He said he’s used to flooding.

“It’s just that creek overflows that’s all there is to it.  When it gets….(when we get a) bunch of rain like we did,” Murphy said.

Murphy’s neighbor, Rachel Anderson, knows to expect flooding too when heavy rains hit.

“I told my husband to be prepared for the sandbags. (I told him to) contact DCMA ’cause I figured we’d be needing some help,” Anderson said.

Albany Town Park was underwater on Monday–and flood waters pushed some of the park’s furniture where it didn’t belong.

“A friend of mine asked if she could borrow a jet ski,” Anderson said.

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  • Benedict Swanson

    You know flooding is really bad if you can't even see the bridges themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of towns in the area ended up isolated for a while because of this.

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