Father of dead infant who was kept in drawer faces murder, neglect charges

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The father of a malnourished infant who died in November is facing charges related to the baby’s death.

Gregory Robey, the father of 3-month-old Phillip Robey, was arrested on charges of murder and neglect of a dependent.

The baby’s mother, Bambi Glazebrook, was charged earlier with murder.

Phillip was so malnourished at the time of his death that he only weighed five pounds, which was less than his August birth weight. Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson said the cause of death was ruled extreme failure to thrive or starvation.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Phillip was kept in the drawer of an entertainment center. Glazebrook said the baby often slept with his eyes open while in the drawer.

Glazebrook told investigators Gregory Robey was at the home where Phillip died until around 1 p.m. on the day of the baby’s death. The same documents said Gregory Robey told investigators the last time he was in the home was Nov. 7, the day before the baby’s death.

Robey said that while he was at the home on Nov. 7, he noticed that Phillip seemed to be having breathing problems while asleep in the drawer of the entertainment center.

Glazebrook said the baby became fussy while in the drawer on the day his death, so she gave him a pacifier. After Philip had soiled his diaper, Glazebrook noticed his leg was stiff while changing him. She then noticed that the baby was not breathing and woke up her father, who told her to call 911.

Robey’s arrest record includes as many as six arrests from 2003 to 2011. Most of the charges were dismissed, but he has a 2005 conviction for stalking and a 2007 conviction for resisting law enforcement.

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  • unowutopinionsrlike

    Glazebrook woke up her father?! Her father was in the house this whole time, as well?! WHY is he not being charged as an accessory to murder and neglect of a dependent? Who could sit there and watch their child starve their grandchild? This is sickening. I almost wish you would stop reporting on this. I would have just stolen that baby away and taken him directly to the hospital and said, "Look at this poor thing, DAMMIT! Now DO something!" And people wonder why kids are being stolen from their parents by family members…sheesh…God rest his tiny little soul 😦

    • REAL

      So true there is no way that I could have allowed my child or any family member, keep a baby in a entertainment center DRAWER!!!! That would have been the first and only sign need to intervene and take care of the kid myself! The grandfather is just as trifling and responsible! CHARGE HIM!!!

  • MeatPlow

    With her astute observation that "the baby slept with his eyes open while in the drawer"
    The Mother of the Year award goes to…. Bambi Glazebrook!!!

    These people surpassed the Dysfunctional Household definition by a mile. Idiots should not be allowed to breed.

  • sharon

    u low life they should lock u up in prison an do the same to u starve u to death an eye fo and eye a tooth fo a tooth a life for a life seems fair to me u scumbag coward rot in hell ur remaining days..pissed in indiana

  • LoriAnn

    people like this shouldnt be able to have kids… this is horrible, what the hell do you mean the baby was sleeping in the drawer with its eyes open? this really pisses me off.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    This is sickening! It's sickening any sane and sound-minded man hooked up with ugmo (ugly Mfer) of a woman! WTF was he thinking? I'd rather masturbate and be with no other woman than even lay eyes on this hideous woman.

  • Barb

    This just breaks my heart. How on God's green Earth could someone NOT feed an infant. I am so disgusted with all THREE of these adults. I think the father of Bambi should also be charged, because apparently he lives in the home also and did absolutely NOTHING to help this child. I am in tears as I sit here after reading this story.

  • Jess

    if those people lived in my house, she would have probably been shot for treating any child in such a manor, it seems to me their lives were to important to carry on rather than taking care of the baby as they should have

  • Guest

    I am no one to judge! This is between you and God my friend. His conviction is far worse than anything on this earth.

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