Indianapolis DPW is prepared to treat slick spots

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INDIANAPOLIS — Indy Snow Force called all 90 drivers to work Sunday. Trucks were gassed up and loaded with salt to treat any slick spots that may develop overnight.

Drivers spent the day pre-treating some of the main roads but couldn’t do much because of the rain.

Once the rain stopped and temperatures dipped below freezing, crews began dropping salt on those hazardous areas.

“When the road temperatures decrease, that’s when we’ll really take action,” said Lesley Malone of Department of Public Works. “There might be some slick spots on the road in the morning and depending on how much accumulation, it’ll be hard to tell if that will affect the ice and it being visible.”

The National Weather Service says wet roadways can quickly freeze, especially on secondary roadways that don’t see much traffic.

Motorists are urged to use caution Monday morning as what may appear as a wet patch of roadway is actually slick ice.