Mother seeks answers after being let go from Amazon job she didn’t even start

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It is a tough time to get a job, so when a Central Indiana mom got hired for a temporary job at Amazon, she was thrilled. That is, until she showed up to work after a month-long hiring process and was told she was no longer needed. Fox59 is taking action to find out what happened to her job and how you can keep the same thing from happening to you.

“I was so upset,” said Kristin Hudson. “I was devastated. I thought I had a job and I no longer had a job,” said Kristin Hudson.

Hudson said she applied for the seasonal work at Amazon after being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years. Now that her boys are in school, she wanted to help her husband with the bills and provide a better life for her family.

“This was so for sure. I had email confirmation, phone calls saying ‘please be here’, this and that and I thought the job was there,” Hudson said.

After a month of interviews, job testing, drug testing, orientation and filling out tax forms, she said she showed up at work and was told she was no longer needed.

“In the two minutes that I was there, before getting sent away there were about eight other people that got sent away too,” Hudson said.

Fox59 went to Integrity Staffing Solutions, which does all of the seasonal hiring for Amazon to find out why Kristin and others were let go before they even started. Integrity representatives said they base their staffing on the needs of their client, Amazon, each day.
“We strive to over communicate that these are seasonal positions. They’re subject to change without notice. This is stated throughout our entire process of recruitment and our application process,” said Jonathan Barnes, communications and marketing director for Integrity Staffing Solutions.

He said some people are turned away because of failed drug tests but that others just aren’t needed, depending on the workload that day. He said people who are hired for temporary jobs are still encouraged to look for other jobs outside of Amazon if they need full-time work.

“We never recommend that anyone ever quit a permanent job or give notice at that permanent job to take a temporary seasonal position,” Barnes said.

Integrity Staffing did say Hudson is eligible to be assigned to a different job within Amazon if there is one available and that she should have been given paperwork to do so when she was sent away on her first day of work.

“If there was a miscommunication on our side, I don’t want her to have to go through that rigmarole so I can contact her or she can contact me,” said Megan Couch, vice president of client relations for Integrity Staffing Solutions.

Hudson is now going to reconnect with Amazon to see if they can work something out, but she is still looking for other full-time work too.

“I don’t know how they can get away with something like that. To hire somebody and run these commercials saying they have open positions when they don’t and they’re turning people away,” Hudson said.

Couch said that while seasonal hiring is over, there are still a couple of open temporary positions that might work out for her.


  • anywho

    Hmmm…I have an interview tomorrow. They rescheduled when we had the snow storm. If they don’t need help why are they still interviewing? I was told to bring id so I could fill out I9 papers.

  • Nicats careers link keep checking. Prob will have job postings soon. Need some good workers there. Seasonal slackers seemed all we got this year. Ready to see some people who want to show up and work.

  • justforthought

    Ive worked for amazon and they only work you for a certain amount of time and then fire you. ive had a few friends this happened too as well. amazon is nothing but a joke

  • Mel

    chances are they DID need the employees to keep up with the added seasonal influx of orders to be filled. the problem likely came in that Amazon also allows other organizations to "work" for them to earn money during the holidays as a fundraiser. i know for a fact that Dance Legacy has moms working there throughout the Christmas season to earn money for their kids to go to dance competitions.

  • indyfan22

    Wait this is a temp service right? The temp service said that there was no guarantee of starting and that things could change. If you are told that – why be surprised? I am sure it is dissapointing, but news? Must be a slow news day. LOL. Also, it sounds like she could have gone back in and gotten a job – that's how temp services work.

    • KJJ

      I've worked as a recruiter at a temp agency and no guarantee doesn't mean that you will be sent to a location ready to work and then get turned away. That's NOT how temp services work, as evidenced by their response to this woman's dilemma – she did not fail a drug test or quit a permanent job. She spent time, money and effort to hold up her end of the deal, they didn't – she should have gotten the call that she wasn't needed that day before she spent the time, money and effort to be there. Somebody dropped the ball.

  • Bob

    Staffing companies will overstate the potential of the jobs they offer. A temp job is just that; and you can be let go at any time. In addition you will considered a second class citizen compared to the regular employees; and will often end up doing the worst tasks with no respect and no job security.

  • Jim

    I was hired on at Amazon as well and went through the interview process and passed the drug test and went to orientation and then, the day before I was to start, they called me and told me not to come in and that they would send me paper work as to why. I received the paper work about a week later and it was because I have poor credit, which was due to bankruptcy that I had to file in 2006 when I fell on hard times. How can I get better credit if I can't get a job? This has happened to me more than once. It is truly frustrating, especially when I had gone back to college to re-educate myself to better myself. I just don't understand how companies can do this when there are discrimination laws in place.

    • Matt

      U r lying I have a bankruptcy and have worked for amazon for over two years. Get a clue this is a bs story that is trying to stain a company

      • Jim

        I am not lying because I have paper work that says so, so, this is not a bs story just to stain any company. Think what you want though, I could care less!!

    • ajackson1313

      I worked there back in August and I have bad credit as well. I had a bankrupcty as well, but I had no problem getting on there. Me and my Husband both got on the same shift and same time. Both of our credit wasn't good. I wonder why?

    • Sara

      I've worked for Amazon for 4 years now and I have terrible credit. Student loans, credit cards and doctors bills…..etc. This holiday season Integrity Staffing (the temp agency that amazon uses) hired people who didn't even have GEDs or High School Diplomas, so I doubt poor credit was a concern.

  • Melissa

    The same exact thing happened to my husband! He was hired in the beginning of December and even had an orientation. Then 2 days before he was suppose to report to work, a woman from Integrity Staffing called and said that they were not going to honor his employment status with them! They are scam artists, and are just hiring so many people so that their “hiring numbers” look good to the community, media, and government! Their hiring and HR practices should be investigated!

  • 1 more smart a$$

    what a bunch of idiots posting here… if you want a permanent job then apply for a permanent job… Temp jobs can change at any minute.. You could show up for work and be sent right back home if they have nothing for you to do… Integrity and others over-hire because of the people that cant cut it and end up getting terminated.. at the end of the holiday season this is expected.. and as for discrimination due to poor credit… there are no laws preventing this… regardless of whether you intend to be responsible in the future your past performance suggests otherwise…

    • Jim

      My point is, you should not be judged on a credit score. I had excellent credit and a kick ass paying job that helped me get that good credit score. Then my full time job was cut due to cut backs in the company, which was the car industry. My credit went down hill because I couldn't find a job quick enough to keep up on payments and I lost everything. So my past performance of being a good worker and being able to have good credit should not have been an issue. So, before you pass judgement on people, maybe you should find out about them and what happened to them. Not everyone can be a goody two shoes like you and have things handed to you because you are willing to get under the boss mans desk to get ahead in a career.

      • Concerned for Indiana employment

        You and many other comments state you ” were” a recruiter! Obviously you woke up too! There are several reasons that people use temp agencies, and maybe getting back into the job market is just one of them! As stated in the article, “her kids are in school now” and using a temp agency is a start! She obviously picked the wrong one to actually HELP her! This story has applied to a lot of people, and its great to see someone who “wants” to work, and maybe have a better Christmas for her family! I’m sure with the ignorant remarks I’ve read, there are a lot more people out there that should do the same thing!! Instead of making fun of someone trying to do something better for herself and her family, maybe someone should really help this situation so it doesn’t happen to any one else! Any one time this happens, that’s sad but as many times as it has happened, that’s a concern!!! Lets help put people to work and stop criticizing those who are actually trying to do something positive!

      • Guest

        Absolutely, some people with no lives that troll a news website with critical comments think they are better.

  • John


    I have always enjoyed watching Fox59 and considered you fair and balanced in your reporting. However, the lead in for Mondays story you showed last night appears extremely un-informed and biased toward someone who has no clue how the staffing industry works. You are sensationalizing the lead in to appear as if Amazon or Integrity has done something wrong. I also hear you had a reporter go thru the hiring process at Integrity and make it to an Amazon facility.

    1. I was a recruiter at Integrity Staffing during peak and off peak times. Our job was to respond to openings and anticipated needs from Amazon. Applicants would come in, apply electronically, and once past the prescreen process would interview. Our openings would be for different facilities and shifts. We would match the applicant with the site best suited to them by location or, at last resort, by need of the company. If we had a need for 10 employees at Indy 1 for Front half day shift, we would send 15. It's called overbooking. The applicants didn't know we did it, but invariably there are always several no-shows at each new shift report. There are many reasons, they got a new job, they couldn't get a ride, they changed their mind. However, if the order was for 10, we need to provide 10. So, we overbooked. The new applicants were met at the site on their first shift by an Integrity on-site rep. At this time the overbooks were turned away. Amazon itself had not ever met or talked to any of them. They would then conduct an orientation for the new people that usually lasted an entire first shift. This was conducted by Integrity personnel.

    2. Seasonal work is seasonal work. We at Integrity certainly sold the applicants that they would work lots of hours and have the opportunity to convert to full time Amazonians. And this is true. However, a lot of seasonal workers don't get converted, and they also understand very clearly that this is what they are signing up for, and that it will end. An applicant who doesn't start until towards the end of peak is not going to work very long at all. But we still need people to fill orders.

    3. I am going to ASSUME, as your reporter is Assuming, that she started toward the end of peak, and was overbooked. If an applicant was overbooked, and sent home, we always placed them in a priority status to start the next opening. We knew these people wanted to work, and we tried our best.

    4. My questions to her would be:

    a. When was she scheduled to work?
    b Was she offered a replacement shift or site and she turned it down?

    5. Staffing is the wave of the future for many companies. It's easier to bring on someone thru a staffing agency and have them assume the initial risk for that employee proving they can work and get to work. Amazon is one of the best companies around to convert temps to full time. They can do it in a third of the time that other companies I have see. Some companies just hire temps and never convert them. I consider this unfair to the employee.

    Bottom line…..

    Temp services are here to stay. We had a saying, people are using a temp service for a reason. A hard worker, who has great attendance and a great attitude may be offered a chance to convert to a full time hire. Those that don't, go to another temp service and find another temp job.

    • Anonymous

      I was a recruiter at Integrity as well and THIS IS NOT how they operate. I would live to speak to Jenny Onchonda about the owner Todd and his carelessness of his employees. So you stop sugar coating the Lues that Integrity cares.

    • Guest


      Why don't you give them a courtesy call if they aren't needed? You shouldn't make them waste their time and gas before finding out they won't be making any money today.

    • Tyrone

      I worked at Amazon during the entire peak (and then some) at IND1. I was told, on several occasions, that Integrity overbooked for the first day of actual work. I was told that the doors opened at 7:00am, and that it started promptly at 8:00am, and to GET THERE AT 7:00am BECAUSE THEY INTENTIONALLY OVERBOOK.

      Essentially; if Amazon needed 60 people for the first day, and Integrity booked 65 people, the first 60 people would be guaranteed a job throughout seasonal, while anyone that came after those 60 would be turned away. I got there at 7:40am on my first day and my job was secure. They started turning people away that showed up at 7:55am (again, they told us to be there as early as possible after 7:00am if we wanted to be guaranteed a job).

      Is it bizarre? Yes. Is it transparent? Yes. If you need a seasonal job badly enough, don't show up 45+ minutes after they tell you to be there. It's as simple as that.

    • Madame-X

      I kinda accept some what you said, and maybe it would have been a good thing for dumba** Fox to consult with somebody with inside 411. I do agree that this article is full of bullsh*t. Now that her dumba*& name and picture is out she will NEVER get a job with a temp. Just another caucasian with the feelings of entitlements. Her fata** should have been put out to the fields long before now.

      • Guest

        You look so ignorant with your immature name calling. If I was to be as stereotypical as you: you probably don't have a job and live off of food stamps and make calls with your Obama phone. Am I right?

  • Unknown

    I worked through integrity for Amazon in Plainfield, In and was told several times I was going to be converted to Amazon and then let go two weeks ago.

  • davis3355

    TEMP jobs are a big reason why the job market is in horrible shape. It allows companies to use and discard as many people as they please. It is just an easy out for a company who is just too cheap to pay benefits. I cannot believe the majority of people that have commented on this article support this. People that are desperate turn to desperate situations which is what staffing agencies capitalize on. Not to mention most companies base their salaries and standards on other competitive companies in the area. So even if you do have a full time job in the same industry when they go to evaluate your raise guess what numbers it will be based on. Then your company can claim some of the "top paid workers in the industry" when really your not. The warehousing industry has deteriorated in Indiana and staffing agencies are a big reason why.

  • Clayton

    If they have 20 openings they call in 30 people to make sure they can get all the spots covered. Pick people at random to send home. If you don't pick up your check with in 3 days of them being handed out (It could be during your 3 day weekend) you have to drive to work and pick it up or they tell you they destroyed it. This happened to me. I got my W-2 had to pay taxes on it but have yet to receive pay for that week. I have called them every week since that happened. They just transfer you to another call center who transfers you to another regions call center who sends you to a voice mail. Yes, Amazon also fire you after an allotted amount of time once they are done with you, not lay off, fire. I saw that happen to many people during my stent there. It is also nice when you live near Bloomington and apply at Plainfield and when you show up they say well you are working in Whitestown if you don't start working there then you are refusing to work and will be fired.

  • Barton80

    if you don't like how temporary services work ask for full-time work not temp-to-hire or job hunt for an employer who will hire you straight in. In other words we all have a choice if you don't like how temp services operate don't go to one.

  • KenB

    My housemate saw the writing on the wall – that those who want to stay the longest need to WORK THE HARDEST. So she busted her hump – complained about her body hurting for a few weeks – and is still being asked to show up for work because she has WORKED FOR IT.

    They've let thousands of others go because – as she was told from the beginning – IT'S SEASONAL WORK and depends upon the volume that they have to handle. Welcome to the working world – those who want it the most and put in the effort are rewarded. The rest come up with excuses like this story is sensationalizing.

    • KenB

      The other point I should've added is – that they measure everyone's rate hourly. So they can tell very quickly whether people are productive and working hard or not.

  • Jan Robertson

    Why didn’t the woman go back in for a new start date of work? I had a friend that this happened to but she started three days later. She said they tell you upfront the dates can change without notice and never to leave a full Time Job for this position. I just don’t understand the point of the story.

  • amy

    Regardless of how Integrity or Amazon works maybe it' s time to re-evaluate how they work and make some changes. Why does it take a month to get hired and start a job? Temporary staffing firms are suppose to speed up the process for the employer and employee. If it takes a month to start a new job, it's no wonder anyone shows up. No wonder they have to over staff and then send people home. That's a horrible way to work. It shouldn't take that long to get hired and start a job. If people are turned away after showing up and passing all the screenings, then they should be offered another job as soon as possible. They have an obligation to find those people other jobs since they now know more than they should about them given that I-9 forms have been completed, etc. Again, it's another reason to re-evaluate how they work or they will end up getting complaints from a higher authority eventually. The workers have a reason to be dissapointed but so does the employer if people aren't showing up or aren't prepared for the job or the type of work.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Really? You know all of this because you run your own business and hire all the time right?

      Amy, Indiana is an at-will work state.

  • Anon

    So because someone has a poor credit score that is going to be a reflection on their ability to do a job or be trustworthy?

  • Bummer

    For what it's worth, Indiana is an at will employer meaning employers can actually fire you for any or no reason at all at any time. The only exception being firing someone for something that is federally protected i.e. race, age, gender that is.

  • ajackson1313

    I worked at Amazon as well and I know for a fact that they tell you to come early because it is a first come first serve basis. Even though you get to go through all of the paper work dont mean they have jobs for you that day. They always tell you keep the number close by because they are always looking for people. SAVE THE NUMBER is what the paper said. People dont always tell the hole story either.

  • whiskeytangofoxtrot

    This is what we get for sitting idly by while right to work and employment at will were imposed upon us. It is too late now- the rich have won.

  • Bob

    This has to be one of the more worthless stories you guys have investigated. One whiner, who has no work history, probably showed up late, and got turned away. Didn't want to take a different shift, so she cries to a reporter? Why not investigate something that matters, like welfare fraud, id theft, or why razor blades are so expensive?

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      lol!!! Right on Bob…especially on razors!

      A pack of those 4 blade razors (5 count) for $20.00? WTF?

  • Tom Santelli

    There are a lot of issues here, if you are going to call somebody in and then turn them away, you need to compensate them for their time and pay them for that day. I use temp staffing and would consider such practices immoral at the least. Does Amazon receive funding for reported staffing is another question. Amazon does not pay sales tax although they sometimes collect it is another question. Amazon operates out of a TIFF district, so Amazon does not pay other taxes, e.g. Property Taxes as well. These are poor practices on the part of Integrity and Amazon this much is for sure. It is using people, for their benefit and this is just wrong. Both companies need to correct these practices. Thank you Jenny for for excellent reporting. We should expect better from companies operating here in Indiana.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >Now that her boys are in school, she wanted to help her husband with the bills and provide a better life for her family.

    lol…by getting a seasonal job that if it worked out would've lasted weeks?


    Walmart is ALWAYS hiring.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe she’s not a government soaker on foodstamps and all the other free stuff one can get from the state. She was actually looking for a job unlike so many other people out there. Even if it was only temporary it’s better than being another tax burden on us all. Good for her! Keep trying!

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Yes, she tried but not very hard.

        She tried, failed, then went to the news with her bottom lip hung out.

        It almost sounds like she's gearing up for a lawsuit in order to have someone write her a check. lol

  • Randy

    The ignorance of economics and business by many of the posters here is simply amazing. Most would be well served by developing their decision-making and critical thinking skills. Some wacko examples from the top down?

    Jim-Didn't pay his obligations and had to file bankruptcy. Then argues discrimination in hiring! Jim is the one who is not reliable and honorable. Why would someone hire you? Plenty of others to pick from. Getting a job to fix your credit is not an employers problem. In the future, think two or three steps ahead.

    Continued below…..

  • Randy

    Karla-Son without a high school diploma applied but didn't get hired, despite employer saying high school graduation wasn't a requirement. Fails to understand that while it wasn't a requirement, others with a high school diploma also applied. Solution: Get your diploma or G.E.D. and it will make you competitive with others.

    Continued below…..

  • Randy

    Angela-"Everyone wanted unions gone, correct?" As a former union steward for UPS, unions do have their place. Improve working conditions, etc. However, unions are not going to force a company to hire or keep an employee that is no longer needed.

    Amy-"They (the company) have an obligation to find those people other jobs since they now know more than they should about them given that I-9 forms have been completed, etc" Why does a company have an obligation to find one a job? Help me understand why that is not YOUR responsibility.

  • RevMudbone

    I should sit here and read these comments and wonder what idiots are out there thinking that it is the responsibility of either the staffing company or Amazon to guarantee a job to anyone? However, then I look back on the election and reality sets in understanding that millions of ill-informed citizens voted for entitlements and "gub-mint cheese". If you want a good job; get an education, maintain a decent credit score, don't have a felony record, dress appropriately, maintain good personal hygiene, take responsibility for your life and your future!

    There are plenty of great workers in many different fields that started out as temporary associates in such companies as Amazon, Microsoft, FedEx and UPS. These folks used the opportunity that was provided for them to show what they could do, work hard and ultimately be rewarded. Is it truly news that a woman or man didn't get a job when she knew the risks and the rewards? Has our media become so desperate to seek out the "human interest" story that makes out corporate giants to be the bad guys because one person was late because they didn't feel like getting out of bed on time? This story was put together by a producer who wants an Emmy for best dramatic news story; slowly waving Amazon flag as you fade to close, kids reading books to their mother (without shoes) or at least pretending to look at pictures, her far away look as the reporter goes on about the evil corporation… absurd!

    Wake up sheep!

  • Anonymous

    I’m shocked by reading all these comments criticizing this woman for trying to get a job. The story did not specify if she was promised a full time position, even if it was seasonal, she has two kids to provide for. I think it’s better to try for a job rather then looking to the government for assistance. So in the end this has nothing to do with you ‘haters’ and your comments are insignificant. It has nothing to do with you so just be glad she’s another person trying to get a job and be a productive member of society rather than a bum living off of the government.

    • Barton80

      I don't think anybody is criticising her for trying to work. The criticism comes in the fact that she went to reporters after she wasn't needed for a "temporary" job. This isn't news, this is how temporary services work, if you don't get in at this job they will find you something else you just go right back to the staffing service. They tell you this from the beginning. Her family was getting by without her working for 10 yrs so it doesn't sound like they will be out on the street waiting a couple days for another position to come available.

    • Concerned for Indiana employment

      Now days ” getting by” isn’t making a better life for anyone! Anyone that hasn’t been in the work force for 10 years, is “inexperienced”. The fact that there are children that will be our future, doesn’t mean anything either to employers! No one knows if perhaps the children are smarter because mom stayed home to help them with homework, teach them to read, and didn’t count on handouts or unreliable babysitters to pass her kids off on! She more than likely doesn’t know what it takes to get a job now days, but the fact she hasn’t wasted her time in those 10 years is good to see! I’m appalled at the judgmental people out there who would criticize rather than offer some hints as what someone starting in the work force should do! After reading the ignorant comments made, I hope those people aren’t an “good” example of what Indiana has to offer as an employee! Everyone has missed what the story is about! It didn’t sound to me as if anyone was asking for anything, and I’d rather say I was a parent trying to do better for my family than to go begging for a hand out! What kind of world is this that people comment on kids and put them down? You go girl! Beautiful children too!!

  • Jules - CMLOR Cayman

    Whether or not it is conditional, it is common courtesy to let your employees know if something has come up beforehand. It only takes a few minutes to contact a handful of people. They took the time to apply and be pro-active; the least they can do is keep them in the loop…

  • Nobody

    Fact: in order to complete Integrity Staffing's application/interview process each, applicant is required to watch a detailed video which clearly explains the seasonal nature of the positions that Integrity offers. This video, which each applicant must electronically sign off on stating that they have viewed and understand, also clearly states the "overbooking" process.

    If you have been through their process, you either agree with what is stated above, or you did NOT pay attention to what you were instructed to pay attention to while going through their process. And to be honest, if you weren't paying attention while trying to GET the job you probably won't pay attention AT the job, so they are probably better off not having you as their employee anyway.

    If anyone has any doubts, go find out and apply @ ; go through the process (which actually only takes up to a couple of hours maximum, not a month as Fox 59 has reported), and go work for Integrity at Amazon. It may be a great opportunity for you, it may not be… but I bet you will be provided with enough information to make that decision by the time you complete the 5 stage application / interview process at Integrity Staffing.

    ….I'm just saying 🙂

  • ricky martin

    we need to stop buying from these companys, then they would learn, spread the word,,,,,,watch and see, look and learn , think if you can… one will help anyone prove me right, or wrong……

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