No prison time for man in puppy stabbing case

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A man who repeatedly stabbed a puppy will not spend any time in prison.

John Madden, 22, pleaded guilty to the crime. His sentence includes work release and mental health treatment. As a condition of his punishment, Madden is not allowed to own or live with any animals.

Madden admitted he repeatedly stabbed a puppy in August 2012, saying he wanted to put the dog out of its misery.

The puppy, nicknamed “Miracle,” was adopted by an IMPD officer and his wife and has made a full recovery.


  • Laurie

    Thats part of the animal abuse problem. It is serious and the offenders just get a slap on the wrist for what they do. They know they will basically get by with it while the animals who live suffer the trauma the rest of their defenseless lives! It takes a real strong person to beat up on animals and children. They cant defend themselves!

  • Dawn

    Maybe when the abuser kills a human, the outcome will be different. When will they learn that people that do stuff like this are dangerous?

  • Kristin Jones

    He is no good. Sorry excuse!! He need to be put out of his misery. What misery would that poor soul be put through; besides being a pet to that sad excuse for a man? Ugh, this a long with all these sorry parents literally sicken me. Get back to killing off the other mistakes. Leave the children & animals alone!!!

  • Dave Finney

    This is B.S…if I did that to a human im going to jail for sure. Let me stab this jerk over and over again and see how he likes it!! Our criminal justice system is a joke! He knew what he was doing so I don't buy this mental illness crap!!! Everyone uses that as a excuse anymore . Put them in shock treatment and straighten them out!!!

  • Animal lover

    It's been said and/or proven, that some people that abuse animals will eventually do the same or worse to humans. This person should have at least been given some jail time. I believe in an eye for an eye. Subject this person to a life threatening stabbing, and then see how he likes it.

    • Fox59viewer

      Absolutely agree especially regarding their next victim being humans… There have bern numerous correlations

  • Skywolf Neal Smith

    Jailing him probably wouldn’t do anyone any good. He should be required, under strict supervision, to do 500 hours of caring for abused animals along with frequent mental health counseling.

  • Frustrated

    i agree with Skywolf. have him work in an emergency animal hosp where he can hear the dogs screaming in agony over the wounds they get from idots like him. make him work in a humane shelter or at a meat factory and have him deal with LOTS of dead animals and see how he does. The Courts don't seem to realize its people like this who go on to worse crimes. some people are too stupid to be on the streets

  • Courtney

    There was another man who threw a cat in a fire, and he atleast got a year. Why is this man not doing any time???

  • Fox59viewer

    Poor innocent puppy and huge props to the officer that took him into his good home.
    It makes me sick that there are still people out there who will hurt an innocent defendless
    animal just because. There is never EVER an excuse for this. People who do this
    need to be watched closely. In fact people who show any signs of cruelty to
    animals need to be watched and reported, because their next victim as studies show
    are CHILDREN! This sick coward needs jail time. If he has issues and wants to
    solve them by stabbing an animal, let him do it to his own kind abd see what

  • Clayton

    Animals are not people the are property. Now should he have done it? No. Should he go to prison/jail? no. There are real problems that the police and courts need to focus on. If my dog bites me why shouldn't I be able to take it out back and shoot it? I cannot think of a single reason why I shouldn't be able to destroy my own property. I raise rabbits, chickens, turkeys and other livestock. I raise them care for them, slaughter them, and do the butchering myself. If you think that this is wrong then you live in a liberal fantasy land.

    • Guest

      Get over yourself, Clayton. No one is saying you can't raise and slaughter your animals. Don't use this forum as your political name-calling soapbox. This guy is a threat to society…stabbing a puppy with a knife for no reason is wrong. If you don't see the difference in what he did and what you do then there lies the problem

      • Clayton

        So if he had killed or attempted to kill a raccoon or opossum you view would be different? Why? Because you find them less worthy than a dog? Where did I call somebody a name? My point is animals are property not people. What he did was wrong morally and I am guessing unjustified, we do not know we do not have the facts. But why send this guy to jail or prison when there are real criminals who could use that prison space more than him? Why extend rights to some animals and not others? It's hypocritical. No animals should have rights. That's just silly. Perhaps worm and cockroach rights next? Or keep it so only "pets" get rights?

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