Technicians work overtime for homeowners with flooded basements

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INDIANAPOLIS – The weekend’s rain and melting snow proved quite the problem for many homeowners, including Tamara Johnson, who watched as water gushed into her basement.

“It wasn’t just trickling in the house, it was pouring in,” Johnson told Fox59.

Johnson has been renting a home since October. Her furniture and belongings in the basement got soaked after a sump pump in the garage malfunctioned.

“It was coming in through the walls,” she recalled.

Technician Reuben Boyd said that almost every call he’s been getting lately involves a broken sump pump. Boyd and other technicians at Greater Indianapolis Property Damage Restoration Specialists have been working nonstop since the rains hit.

“It could be three (or) four in the morning, (when) I get a call,” Boyd said.

Boyd recommends that homeowners install a backup sump pump and put alarms in as well. A sump pump alarm can cost as little as $15 and warn you in case of a malfunction.

“Just like anything mechanical it can break down on you and it will, because it’s in constant use,” Boyd said.

Boyd also advises homeowners to have a friend or neighbor check inside your home when you’re gone on vacation. He often sees homes where water got in and sat for days before a homeowner returned home to notice it.

For Johnson, the water in her basement has receded, but she’s worried about the next big storm. She’s decided to move all of her belongings out of the basement area.

“It was a little too much rain for this house to handle,” Johnson said.

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  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    I have a sump alarm wired to text me if it goes off and a backup. I want to get a water-powered backup instead of the marine-battery powered one.

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