Witness: Hit-and-run victim’s body went undiscovered for 17 hours

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INDIANAPOLIS – Eyewitness accounts and security video obtained by Fox59 indicate the body of a hit and run victim wasn’t discovered until about 17 hours after the accident that killed her.

Investigators from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department believe 63-year-old Kathleen Clark was walking south on Meridian Street when a southbound vehicle hit her just north of Troy Avenue.

Clark’s body was discovered on the side of Meridian Street around 11 a.m. Monday.

IMPD is now examining security video that appears to have captured the moment just before the accident. That video, shot across the street at The Thirsty Turtle, was obtained by Fox59.

At 6:10 p.m. Sunday, it shows Clark walking southbound on Meridian until she moves out of frame. A moment later, a light-colored truck or SUV follows immediately behind the pedestrian off the screen.

At that moment, the video shows two people standing in front of the bar suddenly reacting to the sound of something across the street.

Those people in the video later told Fox59 they heard the sound of the vehicle hitting something in the road. Then they saw the vehicle continue on its way, leaving the scene of the accident.

They did not realize a person had been hit.

In fact, nobody did until about 17 hours later, when Clark’s body was discovered on the side of Meridian Street.

One of the people who made that discovery was the owner of the Thirsty Turtle, Louise Liford.

“I came in and opened up at ten, (just) after ten this morning and noticed her (lying) over there a little bit later on,” she told Fox59.

Accident investigators spent about two hours collecting evidence at the scene. That evidence included pieces of the vehicle believed to be involved. Police are looking for a light-colored Ford F-150 with a camper shell. The truck is missing a headlight and a mirror on the right front side. Other damage is also possible.

Investigators are asking for anyone with information about the vehicle or the accident to contact them through Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

People who live and work in the area also told Fox59 that stretch of Meridian Street near Troy is a dangerous place to walk.

Liford said the area badly needs sidewalks and more lighting.

“I don’t know that they’re ever going to do that, but they need to do something for the people (who are) walking,” she said.

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Kathleen Clark


  • Wilbur Shooterfly

    Can Mayor Blowhard create a TIF district on the southside and put sidewalks and actually place proper drainage on Meridian Street instead of the scumbag paving job done under "Rebuild Indy"? This person is dead because the Mayor incompetently spends money on BOGUS bike lanes and neglects basic pedestrian sidewalks, adequate street lighting and a poorly conducted paving job up and down 135(Meridian).

    Thanks Mayor and grafters.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      >This person is dead because the Mayor incompetently

      What an idiot. This person is dead because she chose to walk in the street at the wrong time and because some (no doubt) liquored up and/or texting morong ran her over and was not honorable enough to stop and assist her.

      Again, what an idiot you are.

  • Lila

    This tragedy magnifies the need of better, more comprehensive public transportation. Kathy was walking home from downtown where she got off the bus after work. She would walk that same route to the downtown bus stops every work day then home again every night.

    Many of us depend upon Indygo to get to work every day but the coverage is limited. The distance Kathy walked exemplifies the appaling lack of quality public transportation. Please, let us come together and build a word-class public transportation system. Don't let Kathy's death be in vain.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      I'm game Lila. You've seen the blood-red writing on the 2013 budget. We've cut services from what accounts for 80%+ of any municiplaity budget; Fire and Police. Where do you propose we get the loot?

  • anonymous

    new sidewalks = new jobs. make indy safe and create jobs at the same time. apparently too simple of an idea for status quo politicians…

    • Clayton

      New government spending means new taxes. If they only tax you that is fine by me, but if they tax a single other person then I will be against this 100%. If you want it done so bad, start a foundation with all benefits going to sidewalks where you deem fit and see how many people share your point of view. Until then think of the consequences before demanding the government rob the people of this city, county, state, and country anymore.

  • Beth

    Someone please come forward. Please for the family's sake do the right thing. Alot of southsiders new and loved Kathy Clark. She was a mom and grandma and a wonderful friend. Prayers to the family and to the police to find this person responsible for this tragic crime.

  • Lynn

    I know everyone is upset over the sidewalks and lights but please be respectful. Her son and daughter and having to pick up the pieces from this now. She worked for our company for 22 years and was a great woman. I just pray the police are able to find the person who would leave the scene after hitting anything on the side of the road like that. May God be with her kids thru this horrific tragedy.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      True dat!

      I can't imagine mowing someone down and not stopping. I'll wager the reason the person didn't stop was because they were a) Liquored up/High, b) A criminal including being an illegal amigo.

      The penalty for mowing someone down and splitting needs to be very severe.

    • Hollie

      HI Lynn,
      I am so sorry for your loss and the loss her family is suffering. My husband and I pastor Morningstar church which is located acroos from where she was killed. Our church is having a memorial Prayer Vigil Wednesday at 6:10 in our parking lot at the sight. We would like to let her family and friends know about it so if they would like to come or be invovled in anyway they have that opportunity. If you know of a way to get in touch with someone I would appreciate that and if they are uncomfortable with me calling them someone can call the church and we can give more information. The Church number is 317-203-5562. My name is Hollie. I really appreciate any help you could give me. This is for the community as well as for her family and to spread awareness that sidewalks/lights etc. need to be considered in these dark unlit areas especially near bus stops. Thank you.

  • John Howard

    Sidewalks are lacking there and everywhere, of course. But GEEZE, I was taught in 2nd grade or earlier to walk FACING traffic. Still it is the driver's fault for not being more observant and for not stopping.

    • Shane

      Thanks for the lesson in walking etiquette John, but the bottom line is a woman walking on the side of the road was hit and left like she was an animal. No one deserves this despite what side of traffic she is facing. As someone who knew her I can testify that if she was walking FACING traffic she didn't have the superhuman ability to jump over a truck barreling down on her. I'm not here to disrespect you but God forbid this was your mother, you wouldn't care what direction she was walking.

  • Missy

    We need better lighting there if there was maybe we or the cops could identify the truck you can hardly see.We need sidewalks on that street.I know numerous people that have to walk down there because they cannot afford a car or gas and the public transportation sucks.Kathy was a good person and a hard worker she worked with my sister and she was kind and funny and deserves better then what that awful person did to her.Whoever you are you need to come forward and turn yourself in if you are human at all.

  • Justin

    I worked with Kathy Clark for a year and a half and she was such such a sweet lady. I remember that i would walk intowork every morning and she say, “Hi Justin, how are you today? She would always tease me about girls.lol. Such a funny lady! Pryers go to her family!

  • Missin mom

    Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support for my mom. I am planning services and should have the time to announce later today. We are a proud and private family but the support for Mom has been a true blessing. I cannot tell you how much she will be missed. Although she was only 63 years young, you would never believe it if you knew her.

    Police are still looking for the individual, so share this message or your own to make awareness is truly appreciated.

    Again, thank you again for all your support. R.I.P Mom

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