Mother accused of causing fire that killed son pleads not guilty Tuesday

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A local mother accused of causing the fire that her 7-year-old son perished in appeared before a judge Tuesday morning.

Jessica Rogers appeared in court for her initial hearing, looking relatively somber, reported Fox59’s Michael Henrich.  She faces charges of murder, arson, neglect of a dependent and cocaine possession.  A not guilty plea was entered on her behalf.

Rogers was arrested in connection with the fatal Dec. 8 fire that killed her son, Dreydon Webb, near Elder and West Washington streets.  She is accused of attempting to manufacture meth at the time the fire broke out.

Webb was at the apartment visiting his mother, who was able to escape the building safely with her boyfriend.  Rogers told firefighters she lost hold of her son and could not get him out of the building.

About a week after the fire, neighbors saw investigators combing through the charred remnants of the building, checking trash cans and taking pictures for evidence.

According to the probable cause affidavit, investigators found “suspicious burn patterns indicating a liquid accelerant” in the building. Investigators said Rogers attempted to manufacture meth using the “shake and bake” method—an attempt that resulted in the fire that tore through the building.

Rogers suffered first- and second-degree burns to her hands and first- and second-degree “splash burns” to her chin and neck. Investigators didn’t observe any burns on her eyelashes, eyebrows, or hair. According to the probable cause, the injuries were “indicative of a rapid high heat thermal event” that occurs “in front of a person possibly holding an object with splashing from some type of liquid or from direct contact.”

When police asked Rogers why she left her son alone inside, she stated “the fire was too hot” and “I couldn’t stand the heat, it felt like acid was burning me.” She then said she tried to get her son to safety, stating that “she had a hold of him twice.” When asked how the boy got away, Rogers said he got loose because he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Police informed her that the boy was only wearing blue jeans when investigators found him.


  • Ang

    Burn in hell lady. How dare she escape knowing her baby was left in there alone to die. What mother could walk away from the screams of her child? Only a drug addict with no conscience could. I hope justice with prevail on this one. Then she can sit in prison reliving the screams of "mommy help me" over and over.

  • Chris

    She doesn't deserve the title of 'mother'. it states her son was visiting her at her apartment so, apparently, he didn't even live with her; yet, she couldn't stop making meth for a few hours while her son was there. DISGUSTING. She knew the danger of what she was doing. And she and her boyfriend escaped. She claims she had a grip on her son but he got away. I don't believe that. She saved herself and that's all there is to it. My heart goes out to poor Dreydon. May he rest in peace.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >accused of attempting to manufacture meth at the time the fire broke out.

    lol…dumb azz.

    On another note I'm glad my inability to easily get the cold rememdies when I have a sniff nose is keeping s### like this from happening!

  • (C)

    I went to school with this girl! Never liked her is school.. she was not a good person then. poor kid… and her boyfriend went to school with us as well… he just got out of jail not too long ago for drugs last i heard.

  • K-anne

    Not that I doubt this person didnt do enuf to rescue her son, but how can they PROVE that she didnt do enuf? In the court system you are supposed to prove guilt, I'm just curious how they could prove something like that. However being a mother myself, I would've laid down next to my child & died w/him, before I would walk away to leave him to die in such a horrible scary way. God will get you.

  • (S)

    I don't care how devoted of a mother you think you are. You really have no idea what you would do in a situation like that until it happens to you. You can sit and type comments all day about what you would have done in her situation, or say whatever you have to say to make yourself feel like you are a better person than she is. The fact is you really have no clue what was going through her mind. I'm not saying i believe she is guilty or not, and neither should any of you because honestly, none of you really have any idea what actually happened. You are all making assumptions based on what you have read or heard and are choosing to cast judgement over her like you have some kind of God complex. You also have no idea of what you are doing to the family of this women. Her mother (who is an absolute saint by the way) has enough on her plate right now, and shouldn't have to read all of your hurtful comments about her daughter. So do us all a favor and keep your opinions to yourselves until the actual judge and jury makes their decision.

    • sarah

      Where was her family at the funeral????? NOT THERE!!!!!! And her Mom hasnt been there for here at all in the past few years.. saint or not..

    • your mama

      so you think this hoebag is innocent? if it weren't so sad, such a tragedy, your biased insight would be laughable. get with it.

    • jennifer

      he was family to me she deserves to burn in hell im sorry for what her mom is going through but what about his dad who never gets to see his son again or the rest of his family

  • Dr. E

    (S) This is a "comment" section no one here has to keep their opinions to themselves. If you don't want to see it, don't participate. Otherwise, suck it up.

  • My 2 Cents

    After reading this story, I am upset that I donated clothes to this woman after the fire that killed her son, and where she lost everything she owned except for the clothes on her back. My donation was made because a family friend of hers sent an email to my husbands employer requesting donations. Had I known she was cooking meth and caused the blast that killed her child while she cowardly jumped out the window to her own safety leaving her child behind to parish in the fire I would not have done so. WOW!!! Very sad, what a pathetic human being…

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