Racy run takes stripping to the streets of downtown Indianapolis

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis has hosted its fair share of strange 5K runs, but the latest concept may be the strangest of all.

The first-ever Strip ‘n Run will make its way through downtown Indianapolis on April 13. The event, created by Vision Event Management, is a run combined with a clothing drive for the Salvation Army.

“It catches people’s attention and that’s what we wanted,” Jeff Graves of Vision Event Management said.

Runners are encouraged to wear as many layers of clothing as possible, understanding that everything they wear will be donated. During the race, runners will stop at “strip stations” and shed articles of clothing into donation bins.

“When I first heard about it, I wasn’t on board,” Envoy Steve McNary with the Salvation Army said.

McNary didn’t think the stripping concept fit with the Salvation Army, but after learning more about the event he decided that it’s just a creative way to raise awareness for a good cause.

“We’ve done our homework,” McNary said.

The donations will go to the Salvation Army’s store on East Washington. The store’s proceeds help run a housing and rehabilitation project for men battling addiction. McNary said that in recent years, donations have been down significantly to the store.

“We (are) in such a dire need for clothes,” McNary said.

The Strip ‘n Run just opened its registration. Organizers say they’ll have extra security on hand to be sure nothing gets out of hand. No streakers allowed.

You can find more information at stripnrun.com.


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